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Sonic 199X: Chapter Two   Teen 16 Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

Sonic 199X: Chapter Two   Teen 16 Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

by peachdoesart

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Released Sat May 30 2020

by peachdoesart
11 Subscribers

#rpg#fan game#vaporwave#boy pursues girl#sonic the hedgehog#girl pursues boy#fan made#nostalgia
Sonic 199X is an rpg style visual novel inspired by the plots of Sonic games and cartoons to tell a semi dramatic story in the style of a saturday morning cartoon for older children to teenagers, it tells a story of Sonic and the other characters overcoming personal obstacles, it features light swearing, and references to 90s culture throughout as the story takes place during the 90s. The specific year is unspecified, and the technology is quite different, taking place in a similar, but different universe. This game was not authorized by Sega and will feature parodic elements that will occasionally critique the official treatment of the Sonic property. Because this is technically a parody (albeit only a partially a humorous one that will also have serious moments) this game is completely legal to make. It will be free, and available to anyone who wants to play it. The plot features Sonic, a late teen hedgehog fighting against human supremacists Martha and Ivo Robotnik, to save the Mobians from being robotized and try to bring peace between the two races, humans, and Mobians. In this world humans population has been going down, and animals evolved alongside them. Some humans fear loosing their place as dominant rulers of Earth, and people like Robotnik and his wife and evil sidekick, Martha, intend on world domination at the cost of the environment. (Basically, the plot of Sonic Sat AM but with cherry picked elements of the games plot points thrown into it). This series will have a few games for certain characters, instead of one or two big ones, and will be like chapters of a story you can interact with. There is no set release date as of this moment. Watch peachdoesart on deviant art for updates.