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Undead Devotion Ongoing

by noodlesama

122 Subscribers
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Released Sun Nov 26 2017

by noodlesama

122 Subscribers
UPDATE: All, and I mean <i>All</i>, of the character sprites of this visual novel are... gone? I'm not sure because all the .png links lead to a dead page. That includes all of the music files and some of the image/bg files!! If anyone knows how to fix this please contact me! I'll try to figure our how to restore all of the broken links, so in the meantime UD will be unlisted.

Far away in the woods, there is a feeling of restlessness.

Content warning— Undead! In some paths, characters die. quick screen shakes!

Credits (because I didn't want to flood the page with links)—

Hey! This thing is pretty unfinished! I'll be updating this on the down low since it isn't my main priority right now! Let me know what you think of it!

Now featuring Toffee Kingdom's very own Nailah by shogako! Go check the visual novel out!