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First Date at a Monster Homecoming [DEMO]   Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

First Date at a Monster Homecoming [DEMO]   Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

by noodlesama

218 Subscribers
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10,372 Words
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Released Mon Oct 29 2018

by noodlesama
218 Subscribers

This visual novel includes naughty words, some risqué situations, white flashes and screen shakes. Please bear this in mind before playing!


Karindegamaytyt Sep 17th, 2020

Great how do you get your characters backrounds were amazing

chinglesdingles Aug 16th, 2020

this made me laugh. made my day! rad

because Jul 30th, 2020

this was so good, i love how all the charters are so life like
i would love to see more, please please continue making this
i would love to go to homecoming.

FandomBOI Jul 8th, 2020

This visual novel is the best I have ever played so far! Every character is so amazing and lovable! But I got to the end of the demo already... I can see that the last time NoodleSama updated this is back in 2019, but I still hope that they will finish this! Just- literallly, A- F*CKING -MAZING

FlyingPieGuy May 22nd, 2020

The game won't load for me. Is that on my end?

kkb May 11th, 2020

The little Gil comics caught me off guard and I loved them thank u

11Bxnny Apr 30th, 2020

dAmN tHe GrEeN gUrL iS a bIcTh

noodles Apr 27th, 2020

Sharpay told Brianna, that's on period

OkenTheDemon Apr 20th, 2020

sorry but i have a question what is the menu music called and who made it? i saw Miltata in the description but i wasn't sure. also i followed Miltata i have only listened to a couple songs of hers, but i like her music

OkenTheDemon Apr 20th, 2020

Jacques is so beautiful uwu how has no one said anything about him <3 lowkey dreamt about him last night. 0//0 lmao. also Gil reminds me so much of Nagito from Danganronpa 2 like his bangs, the stanceses he makes ect. Love this game so much it is so good and i love the menu music alot to. the whole thing about the period blood made me cringe XD i can't wait for the full game!
so far i have only really done stuff with Jacques, but i am definitely am going to play other routes! sorry if this is long i'm just so excited i can't help it!
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