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Eat Your Heart Out Demo!   PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

Eat Your Heart Out Demo!   PG-13 Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Girl

by momoko

10 Subscribers
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Released Mon Apr 13 2020

by momoko
10 Subscribers

#psychological horror#lgbt#cooking#horror#meta#minigame
On one hot summer's day, you decide to enter a little cafe to get a drink. Little did you know that this decision would have great consequences. Will you meet the girl of your dreams? Or will you find yourself eating your heart out?


oneinamillion Jun 30th, 2020

Byssa6 May 26th, 2020

hmm... I wonder what the sweet route will be like?

Byssa6 May 26th, 2020

I am going on the sweet route, i chose the milksake

momoko May 15th, 2020 Hey guys! I'm going to be making a Q&A video! Be sure to ask me something!

FlyingPieGuy May 15th, 2020

You've captured my interest.

jeremy03 May 15th, 2020

yeah its the same for me.

Lilcookie May 6th, 2020

;-; I think it’s bugged I can’t get passed the title screen once I push play it just turns blank and stays like that

triptych May 3rd, 2020

Only my second visit to this site and I find this game charming!

ZariaTheYoutuber Apr 26th, 2020

It looks like a really cool game, I cant wait for it to be finished! :)

momoko Apr 22nd, 2020

Hey guys! This game now has an official trailer!
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