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I enjoy writing stories and I am currently learning to draw. Working on my first VN now, hopefully I will be able to publish the Beta version soon!
Joined Nov 27th, 2021
I enjoy writing stories and I am currently learning to draw. Working on my first VN now, hopefully I will be able to publish the Beta version soon!
Joined Nov 27th, 2021
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Jul 13th, 2022
Created new topic "Preview" not working in the Support forum: Hi, 

I posted a few days ago about "preview" not working for my VN, but it seems that the post was deleted. 

"Preview" is still not working for my VN at the moment. 

I have a screenshot of the problem. 

This is what has been showing up since last Saturday (9 Jul 2022). I posted a question about my problem on 10 Jul 2022, but that post has been deleted.

"Preview" does not load no matter how many times I press it, and a blank page like the one in the screenshot keeps showing up.

Can this problem be looked into? I want to test out the flags in one of the routes I have been working on, and I can't test the whole route through "scenes".

Please do not just delete the post. Please at least tell me what kind of information you need from my side to help me with this.

Jul 10th, 2022
Created new topic "Preview" not working in the Support forum: Hi! 

I have been trying to load the preview version of my VN yesterday and today, but it hasn't been working. It used to work before... Is the site undergoing some kind of maintenance at the moment? 

Does anyone else have the same problem or know when the issue will be resolved? 

Jul 3rd, 2022
Posted a new reply in That Summer's Day in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:

I am halfway done with the story for the second love interest... YAY!

It took a while to disconnect from the first story, but eventually I was able to do it... after going on a bit of detour... almost going into a different rating category for my VN. Thank GOD I was able to get back on track! I really want to keep it PG-13 for now!!! Though I might make a mature version of it later... maybe... I will have to age my characters a bit though if I do...

Here's another sneak peek... of one of the scenes...
I just have to post it, because I had so much fun doing it!

As you can see, the stall is not quite ready... the pastries are not out of the oven yet... ☺️

This is a scene I made using photobashing, based on a CC0 photo. I am definitely not a background artist, and manipulating photos is the only way right now for me to make nice looking scenery for my VN. It was quite fun to create though!

I've used this method to create a few other backgrounds for my VN. You'll be able to tell which scenes were the ones I made first, and which were the ones I made after having a little more practice.

That is all for now!

As of right now, I hope to release the beta version of the VN in about two months!

Jun 25th, 2022
Saying goodbye is not easy... 🥺😢 It was hard to disconnect from the story I wrote for the first character... It took some time and getting away from my desk... But I have finally started writing out the storyline for character #2! It is like falling in love all over again...! Though I don't think any one of the characters will replace the other!
Jun 22nd, 2022
Hi everyone! I've created a forum post for the VN I am working on. Please check it out if you have time:

It is a bishoujo game (boy pursues girl) and I plan to make it PG-13.

Originally when I joined CloudNovel last November I wanted to make an Otome (girl pursues boy) game. I stopped writing halfway because I got carried away by another project. By the time I was done, I felt like doing something else instead. Then one day when I woke up this story came to mind! It is a little weird that I am writing a bishoujo game as a girl, but I see this as a way of tapping into my inner masculine side!

I will post updates on my progress on the forum.

Hopefully I will be able to release the beta version of the game soon!
Jun 22nd, 2022
Created new topic That Summer's Day in the Discuss Your Visual Novel forum:

In-progress; Routes for one of the love interests completed
Bishoujo game (Boy pursues girl)
Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance 
(Trigger Warning: One part of the story touches upon the subject of death.) 
The beta version will be FREE!
Background music, standard Cloudnovel gameplay interface (backlog, auto-read, skip, volume and text speed adjustments etc.), save and load your game for free, customizable player name
End of August, 2022

I am hoping to make a professional version of this game. If you enjoy the story and like the characters, and feel that your (artistic/aesthetic etc.) style matches mine, please let me know! I am looking for CG artists, sprite artists (I have some rough sketches already for a few of the main characters), and background artists. If you can make music for the game please let me know as well!! ^.^


Sean Tovin is eighteen years old and about to enter his final year of high school. The summer before his final year, he is invited to stay at his childhood friend and distant cousin, Marin’s home. Marin lives in Nordstad, where Sean’s family was originally from.

Join Sean as he learns about his ancestral hometown, makes new friends and develops meaningful connections.


Protagonist: SEAN TOVIN
(Name can be customised.)

Age: 18
Height: 175~178cm

Sean is a high school student at the elite Oakland Academy, about to enter his final year. His father, who is a diplomat, wants him to follow in his footsteps, to study politics at university. 

Although he can appear apathetic and detached, Sean is caring and kind. 

This summer, he has been invited to stay at his childhood friend, Marin’s home in Nordstad, where his forefathers were from. 



Age: 16
Height: 158~161cm
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp 
Personality Type: ENFP

Marin is a second year student at the high school section of Oakland Academy. She is both Sean's childhood friend and schoolmate, and they are distant cousins as well. Marin's had a crush on Sean since they first met when they were young. She cares deeply about Sean and often quietly observes him, keeping note of his likes and dislikes. 

Marin’s lively and spirited personality makes her popular at school and amongst her friends at home in Nordstad. She loves eating sweet foods and enjoys baking. 

(c) Sonya


Age: 18
Height: 166~169cm 
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Personality Type: ESFJ

Alyssa is a native of Nordstad and Marin’s neighbour and good friend. She is a student at high school and works part-time as a catalogue model. Although she can be snappy and feisty, she cares deeply about her friends and is protective towards others.



Age: 17
Height: 154~156cm
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Personality Type: INFJ

Lydia is a shy, quiet girl who works for an aristocratic family in Nordstad. She is very pretty, and appears stiff and formal towards strangers. She loves little animals and often takes time out of her busy schedule to care for them. She is also fascinated by knowledge and new technology, despite her simple and rustic life. 


(Unlockable Side Story Love Interest)

An extra side story with a hidden love interest can be unlocked by completing certain routes in the story. 

A description of this character will be available in the game once her character is unlocked. 


Screenshot of Main Menu

Screenshot of gameplay and interface

Screenshot of gameplay

Screenshot of gameplay: Choices!

Screenshot of gameplay: Backlog, re-read previous pages any time!

Standard settings on Cloudnovel's engine available during gameplay

Please come back to this page for updates and the latest information! 

Thank you for your interest in my VN! I hope you will take a look at it once it becomes available!

Jun 21st, 2022
Posted a new reply in Backlog not showing up in Preview in the Support forum: I just realised I made a mistake on my screen setting! In an attempt to hide the textbox when the backlog shows up, I mistakenly used "hide text". 

So there is no problem now. 😅 
May 25th, 2022
Created new topic Backlog not showing up in Preview in the Support forum: Hi everyone!

I am working on a visual novel and testing it using "preview". I am having trouble with the backlog screen. It is not showing up at all. (

What I did: 
1. Created a screen and set it as "Log Screen". 
2. Added a background image and a "close" button to it. Added text as well to set the scrolling limits. 

I am not sure what went wrong. Would appreciate any help and advice! Thank you so much! :) 

My VN is currently unlisted. This is the preview link: