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penpals Ongoing

by lenore

40 Subscribers
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Released Tue Apr 17 2018

by lenore

40 Subscribers
Welcome to penpals, the new anonymous messaging app! Fill out our questionnaire to be matched with your new penpal, then immediately start chatting! How close you get is up to you...


This game is still in progress. Currently only one route is available, and it is incomplete, but more content will be published regularly, so be sure to save and check back for more!

This is not so much a visual novel as it is a chance to advise and live vicariously through the characters you exchange messages with. The more effort you make in getting to know your penpal, the deeper the story goes.

If you fail to be a good penpal, you may end up at route reselect instead of continuing on with the story. There isn't really a “bad end” so much as a “try harder/pay attention next time end."

Please let me know if you experience bugs/find typos.


written and developed by lenore
avatar images by Monoyagi
UI by lenore, using some CC0 assets


Amethryst Jun 30th, 2019

Can't wait how this project will turn out!! ^^