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Falling for the Flags PG-13 Completed Girl pursues Boy

by lenore

41 Subscribers
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Released Thu Apr 25 2019

by lenore

41 Subscribers
embed code: <span data-flag="flag name"></span> (don't worry it'll all make sense later...)

Finally, it's the satirical dating sim/game engine tutorial that nobody asked for! You play as a bright new student at CloudNovel Academy, ready to take the world by storm with your awesome game ideas. The only thing standing between you and total mastery of game mechanics is the notorious Flag cousins. They might seem intimidating at first, but soon you'll be falling in love as they help you on your journey to develop your next game.

Each route includes 4 lessons on different ways to use each flag.

-Choice with Long-Term Effects
-Changing Start Page
-Hidden Objects
-CG Gallery

-Namable MC
-Choice of Pronouns
-Search Engine

-Progress Tracker
-Gacha Minigame

Made as an entry for Easter Jam, the primary theme is comedy.

The story is now complete, but the lessons gallery is kind of buggy. I have an idea of how I can work around some of the issues, but I'm probably not going to have a chance to try it until after the jam ends, so just... be careful, and remember that you can always reset the game from the settings screen if you get stuck.

Disclaimer: This game is in no way endorsed by or associated with CloudNovel or Sonya. I just want to help devs be less afraid of learning to use more of the engine.


CloudNovel logos and screencaps of engine are property of CloudNovel, used with Sonya's permission and edited by lenore.

Written and developed by lenore.

Sprites by Watakitaba (, use with some minor modifications.

UI by lenore.

School exterior, Classroom, Courtyard, Library, Hallway, Neighborhood Street (x2), and String’s Bedroom by (terms of use:
AV Room by KNT graphics: Yagami Niso
Starfield background by MoonWind
Boolean and MC’s bedrooms by
Kitten Nebula from Aya Aya ( by Tsujiki (terms
Bakery by Pyonkotchi
Garden by artofcarmen (permission for commercial use given here:

Noodles by WarmGuy
Tart by Konett
Easter Eggs by OpenClipart-Vectors (under pixabay license)

Options icons made by

Music from Amacha.


FishyFeathers Jun 7th, 2019

String is so adorable! Plus he gives me tutorials on grammar and gender pronouns. Exactly what I look for in a man >:3

Amethryst Jun 6th, 2019

Spreading some love for String!

fluffness May 18th, 2019


Persephius May 2nd, 2019

I just wanted to say that Integer is clearly best boi.

Kazuna Apr 26th, 2019

Is it that after you choose a "route", the main menu changes and the character appears? Did I discover something? xD
Characters Screenshots

Boolean Flag


String Flag


Integer Flag