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Falling for the Flags   PG-13 Completed Girl pursues Boy

Falling for the Flags   PG-13 Completed Girl pursues Boy

by lenore

49 Subscribers
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Released Thu Apr 25 2019

by lenore
49 Subscribers

embed code: <span data-flag="flag name"></span> (don't worry it'll all make sense later...)
Finally, it's the satirical dating sim/game engine tutorial that nobody asked for! You play as a bright new student at CloudNovel Academy, ready to take the world by storm with your awesome game ideas. The only thing standing between you and total mastery of game mechanics is the notorious Flag cousins. They might seem intimidating at first, but soon you'll be falling in love as they help you on your journey to develop your next game.


SpiderCookie Apr 29th, 2020

I need to know how to go back and know how to make a nameable main char again XD

tiawolf424 Feb 27th, 2020

lol everyone is voting string and integer XD prob cause integer is a tsundere, string is the cute shy boy and boolean seems to have the lowest vote cause he seems like a villainy character my favorite is string cause he's relatable and next is integer cause he seems like he'd have the sweetest moments <3

FishyFeathers Jun 7th, 2019

String is so adorable! Plus he gives me tutorials on grammar and gender pronouns. Exactly what I look for in a man >:3

Amethryst Jun 6th, 2019

Spreading some love for String!

fluffness May 18th, 2019


Persephius May 2nd, 2019

I just wanted to say that Integer is clearly best boi.

Kazuna Apr 26th, 2019

Is it that after you choose a "route", the main menu changes and the character appears? Did I discover something? xD
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