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My Crazy Halloween Story Completed

by kanariillustration

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Released Tue Oct 31 2017

by kanariillustration

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2019 Update!  2019年のアップデート!
New Original Digital Illustrations by Lisa! リサ作のオリジナルイラスト入り!
New Character Arc!  新キャラのデビュー!
New Sounds and Voices! 新しい音声、VO!

Originally developed for JHS students learning English as a second language - a visual novel to test their reading skills and review vocabulary and grammar.

There are a total of 6 endings! Have you played them all?

Please let me know if you find any issues during gameplay. Thank you!


Drakone Nov 4th, 2019

The visual elements work nicely together!
There's just one non-technical problem I found in the ninja route. Rather than 'fast' (from "I was a ninja! I ran fast around the mummy."), 'quickly' might be a better choice of wording. 'Fast' is usually used as an adjective instead of an adverb. This might be a bit pedantic on my end, though.

DAX Nov 3rd, 2019

Aweee... this looks so cute but for some reason, I can't click the Lets Play button in the main menu?