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Curious Katie R-18 Completed Girl pursues Girl

by ilovejam

15 Subscribers
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Released Sun Apr 01 2018

by ilovejam

15 Subscribers
Katie is attending high school as a freshman. She meets three wonderful girls: Olivia, Emmie, and Alison. Could this be a chance for her to make some new friends? Come find out.

This game contains graphic content so please be wary.
There are 4 different endings available.
I plan to make a sequel to this if it is well received.
Please comment if you see any errors or glitches.
Tell me your thoughts or questions down below. :-)


DokiDokiPandaGirl Oct 8th, 2019

The pictures aren't loading for me. Anyone else?

Sexywolf66 Apr 6th, 2019

I've refreshed my screen multiple times and the game keeps stopping at, After, I return to class and finish the rest of my school day. Please fix if able I don't know what to do to make it work. Unless that's one of the endings?