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Ordinary (Creepypasta) PG-13 Hiatus

by ijustwannahavefunn

659 Subscribers
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Released Mon Jul 17 2017

by ijustwannahavefunn

659 Subscribers
I tried, really tried...

My tumblr:


Background music:
Back of the room hang- Jingle Punks
Locked out- Silent Partner
Hands way up- Gunnar Olsen
East- Silent Partner
Blakey's burnout- John Delete
Take That back- Silent Partner

Inside slender’s house- TORLEY on Flickr
Road- bertvthul on Pixabay
Car- Theravada on Wikimedia Commons
Forest- admin on CloudNovel
Game screen- Sarah Joy on Flickr
Guest room- bottlein in on Pixabay


durpytwit Aug 23rd, 2019

This game is ebic

katt66 Aug 9th, 2019


Thegirlygamer100 Jul 29th, 2019

I need a part 2.

merrythekiller Jul 22nd, 2019

Why don't I see the background? T^T

Sorry if i write something wrong. I'm not English T^T

AngelDoll Jul 17th, 2019

I love this entire Game!!!

Kate0warrior1 Jul 16th, 2019

I love this game :3
i hope you make a part 2


this game is sooo good.

JesterOfSpades911 Jul 16th, 2019

it wont load after 97% of loading then it starts the novel but with no sound? help

Akukuliko Jul 3rd, 2019

it was awesome! thank you <3

lornstriker859 Jun 25th, 2019

make a choice to become killer

LexLex Jun 7th, 2019

Amazing job, art, and story!!! This was so much fun! Thank you!

WolffyGamer7410 Jun 7th, 2019

I felt like with every choice I could have died since there all killers. Which just made me love this more!

ILoveCreepypastaAndOrdinary Jun 1st, 2019

But noooooo its so short I need part 2

ILoveCreepypastaAndOrdinary Jun 1st, 2019

It takes a while to load but it’s a good game

ILoveCreepypastaAndOrdinary Jun 1st, 2019

I loved the part where they were looking for jack XD they do kinda look alike...

Popfizz May 23rd, 2019

Loved it so much.

L0v6 Apr 11th, 2019

the background randomly changed to game shakers about 1/4 though the game

TheFallenRoseWarrior Mar 31st, 2019

Why did I realise now that this game is made by Ijustwannahavefunn

thatcreepyboi Mar 30th, 2019

it isn't working, anyone know how to fix it?

marynamaru Mar 21st, 2019

it won't work for me

WaFfLeLoRd22 Mar 21st, 2019


DigitalDemonAngel Mar 20th, 2019

damn, this was cool!
please make more, it was good!

CreepypastaFanUwU Mar 2nd, 2019

Woooow this was so good! Pls make a part 2 one gjxjdttdjdjgxjg I loved thisssss 😍😍

CreepypastaTrash1 Feb 28th, 2019

aww idk what to do in my life anymore now that its over ;-;

diepool20 Feb 22nd, 2019

can you make more

spear Feb 14th, 2019

its pretty good but still why leave it on a good part

Rachie Feb 11th, 2019

Awww I got real sad when it was over 😂

Yugiohfan29 Feb 6th, 2019

You wanna know something funny this is the only creepypasta visual novel