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Ordinary (Creepypasta) PG-13 Hiatus

by ijustwannahavefunn

684 Subscribers
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Released Mon Jul 17 2017

by ijustwannahavefunn

684 Subscribers
I tried, really tried...

My tumblr:


Background music:
Back of the room hang- Jingle Punks
Locked out- Silent Partner
Hands way up- Gunnar Olsen
East- Silent Partner
Blakey's burnout- John Delete
Take That back- Silent Partner

Inside slender’s house- TORLEY on Flickr
Road- bertvthul on Pixabay
Car- Theravada on Wikimedia Commons
Forest- admin on CloudNovel
Game screen- Sarah Joy on Flickr
Guest room- bottlein in on Pixabay


WaFfLeLoRd22 Oct 10th, 2019

NUmBerr 2?

TheEndOfAllEnd Oct 6th, 2019

Finally some good fucking shit

SoulKilluia Sep 28th, 2019

I love it!! You did amazing!! I love how you have the creepypasta's personality perfect!! Please make more creepypasta visual novels!! <3

Rose1157 Sep 2nd, 2019

Other than some grammatical errors, I really enjoyed this!

Tami Aug 31st, 2019

The ending was hilarious XDDD

Tami Aug 31st, 2019

This game is amazing!

durpytwit Aug 23rd, 2019

This game is ebic

katt66 Aug 9th, 2019


Thegirlygamer100 Jul 29th, 2019

I need a part 2.

merrythekiller Jul 22nd, 2019

Why don't I see the background? T^T

Sorry if i write something wrong. I'm not English T^T
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