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Ordinary (Creepypasta)   PG-13 Hiatus

Ordinary (Creepypasta)   PG-13 Hiatus

by ijustwannahavefunn

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Released Mon Jul 17 2017

by ijustwannahavefunn
1,157 Subscribers

Mystery Comedy Fan Made Adventure
I tried, really tried...
My tumblr:


FoxtailStudios Mar 18th, 2023

nothing is loading except for the forest background ._.
halp ;-;

fieldofhate Mar 16th, 2023

cool :)

BLUBERRiiPIE Mar 2nd, 2023

its broken :p

Wolfu4error Aug 7th, 2022

Люди помогите пожалуйста! Я хочу что бы игра была на русском, но я не знаю как это сделать.

Angiebutterfly6 Jun 9th, 2022

can u make a love story about this??

InfectedFemBoi May 24th, 2022

I'm still crying after i accidentally killed Jeff instead of Zalgo😭😭😭

Grimes2007 May 23rd, 2022

*blusshes * ticci tobi?

Wolfie666LOL May 17th, 2022

So far from what I could read from everyone's comments it seems like a really good novel but I can't get it to only gets up to 95% and then it stops and doesn't load any more so I can't read it and it's it's bit upsetting....🥲

InfectedFemBoi May 16th, 2022

Me: Jeff's right, SCREW YOU
Zalgo: *about to kill me*
Me: *deletes tab*
Zalgo: son of a-

InfectedFemBoi May 7th, 2022

Me: Are we there yet?
Jeff: *laughing so much*
Ben: Not yet
Me: Are we there yet?
Ben: NO!
Me: Are we-
Ben: Fuck it *slits my throut* Im sicka this crap
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