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This is just a small thread for my in progress Beach Jam entry - goodbye, kitty girl.
(click here to play!)

So I've been working on this project practically non-stop for the past 2 weeks (I thought the jam was ending on the 1st of August haha) so there's quite a bit of progress that has been done. I have a habit of not wanting to release a project til it's done, so the actual game will probably be released sometime early next month. When it does, I'll put a link to the game here :D

The story -
a story of a girl searching for her lost cat, kitty girl, in a sleepy seaside town.

It's a simple story actually. Dawn is a normal university student. When her cat, Kitty Girl, goes missing, she heads off to the town of Crashing Waves to search for her. While she's there, she finds a friend in the young surfer, Dylan. As time goes on, hope wears off, and optimism turns into frustration. Will she ever find her precious cat friend?

The progress-
Here's an overview of how the work's going :)

WORD COUNT - 4,179
Story - 95% (I only need to write the epilogue)
Character Sprites - 20% (?)
CGs - 40%

I have some screenshots of the game as it is on 7/28/21 -

So yeah! I hope you'll stick around, as I'll be posting updates and such right here! Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Hello all! Jupiter again, here to show off some of the CGs I just finished! ( Don't open the spoiler box if you don't wanna be spoiled when the game is released >:3  )

(Dylan gives you a thumbs up! I wonder why...?)

(A waterfight! Looks like they're having fun.)

Hello again! Just wanted to pop in to let you all know that the story is now 100% done!

All that’s left to finish the novel is sprites, music, and the final CG (which shows up at the very end of the novel) 

Next time I give an update it’ll probably be to announce the release of the novel! Yay!!
I did it! It's finally done! The whole novel is complete >:3

If you would like to play it, please click here! If you see any bugs or typos, please let me know and I'll fix it!