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Hello! Jupiter here.
I've decided to make a dumping ground for art here on cloudnovel for you all to see :)

There's gonna be art daily during September (i am participating in an art event on another site) but it'll probably slow down after.

There may be gore in some of these, so if you are uncomfortable with blood and such... beware posts with gore warnings!!

With that out of the way, please enjoy!

[Effie is a ghost with a story pretty similar to Hillary's, you'll see her show up here quite a bit :)]

[My handsome boy Jasper ;-;]

[A view of a character's back (covered in scars ;-;) ]

[Two of my babies, Lindsey (braid boy) and Dream (miss twin tails)]

[Lazy kitsune sketch]

[Our dearest femboy Emery rocking a camisole dress ;o;]

[Please do not ask me how long it took to draw those wINGS-]

[feelingpeachii is my DA sig]