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This website is amazing in it's capabilites. That being said, I am having a problem right now with the above message. Right before I was literally about to be finished with the visual novel I've been working on for at least a month, the first scene refuses to work and pauses at 96% loading and comes up with the above message. The visual novel I'm making is called "Murder Mansion" and I need this to be taken care of ASAP please. Thank you!
@StuMonster Your scroll button is broken. Replace it and you should be good to go.

Whenever this happens, you can enter the timeline of the first page and see which asset is not loading and then see if it is broken or not. I see you used Trello, you might want to read this announcement regarding Trello because maybe it affected your asset. Anyway, your scroll button cannot be used. 
@Dax Thank you so much man! That’s really dumb of me now that I think about it haha.