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Hey forum, hope your evening is going ok ^w^

I purchased unlimited downloads for one of my VNs a while back, and the download feature has generally worked more often than not and is extremely helpful for me since it helps me feel like my data is more secure. Recently, however, I've been trying to download this visual novel, and the progress bar sort of just stops and stays that way for twenty, maybe thirty minutes before I refresh the page and try again.

Given that the download feature has been around for a while, are there any known fixes I can apply to it, or if not, does anyone on the CN team know what's going on or how to fix this issue? If so, any level of assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, sorry for the late response. 

It depends on how many assets there are in your game. The bigger the game, the more likely downloads might fail. The only way is to try again and hope it works. I'm also encountering more failed downloads when I'm trying to download a new build for my bigger games like Café Rouge. 

A way to check if your download has failed for certain is to press F12 on your computer to look at the console log, and if you see a red error message, then your download has indeed failed, and you need to try again. 

Let me know if this continues, and I will try and run some tests on your game to see what is going on. 
No problem, thanks for the advice ^w^

I'll try that rn and check to see if the console log detects any errors if the download registers as incomplete. The game seems to be a rather large file, though (around 1.3 GB), so I may need to wait a little longer.

Either way, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for errors and will post an update if I find any.

Thanks again,


I attempted to download my VN again and received a 502 Bad Gateway error related to an operation listed as "send  @jquery.js", and it appears that the four-digit id listed after the send@jquery.js is identified as the location of the bad gateway.

I'm not sure what this means, but I wanted to share it in case it was relevant information.