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Hey forum, hope your morning's going well ^w^

My main project has a lot of massive scenes in it, some which require 50 megabytes of assets or more to be loaded at a time, which can take a while to load, during some of which it's not possible to edit the text in my scene. Since my implementation of the assets is complete at this point, It would be really helpful if there was an option to load  only the text in my scenes, since I'm mainly just writing and editing at this point. 

Being able to export text in exchange for points might also be useful, but I understand if such a theoretical feature would be inappropriate for an online platform like CloudNovel.


Hey there Spartan,

Have you tried out the advanced loading screens feature in your project settings?

If you turn it on, then only the scenes assets inside the current scene will load, and you can exclude all the screen assets from loading when entering a new scene. 
Thanks a bunch, I'll try it out tomorrow  ^w^
Update: This works incredibly well, thanks : D