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These rules are for the resource page of CloudNovel.
Please read it when adding an asset to the resource or using an asset from it.

What is Resource for?
The resource is the place where you post free assets TO SHARE THEM WITH THE COMMUNITY so they can use them for their own games.

What you can do in Resource page?
  • Upload your own asset that is owned and created by yourself for others to use.
  • Share and upload others' assets with permission to distribute them WITH credits to the rightful owner.

A HUGE REMINDER: People will be using the assets that you uploaded for their own game so make sure the assets do not have an exclusive right.

What is Resource NOT for?

The resource page is not CloudNovel's version of DeviantArt, pixiv, artstation and etc.

What you CANNOT do in Resource?
  • Showcasing your art
  • Showcasing any of your creative works.

Use the Creative Corner in the forum in you want to display your creative works. Either for art, writing, music and so on. Art Showcase for art-related stuff. Noble Art of Writing for writing stuff. Music Library for anything musical.

If you are trying to upload assets to use for your own visual novel, create a new visual novel, go to library, click on add character/image/button and paste the link of your picture from a hosting site. 

Rules for resource upload here.

Make sure to credit the OWNER of the resource, and not the USER WHO UPLOADED (we often repost from other sources to share them with people on CloudNovel, but we do not own them). Please look in description/credits.

Where to credit: in your project, go to "Settings" tab and write credits in the credits box. You can also leave credits inside your game (on a screen or scene).

How to credit:
Copy and paste the credits in resource. In the case of ginger girl, it would be

  • You must credit ALL assets that were not made by you (characters, backgrounds, items, GUI, music, etc).
  • You CANNOT falsely claim assets as your own.
  • You MUST follow the owner's terms of use.
  • If not explicitely said that it's free to use for commercial use, please always suppose it's for non-commercial only.
General Rules
1. You are allowed to share your OWN works or works by other artists WHO ARE WILLING TO LET OTHER PEOPLE USE THEIR WORKS. 
2. Always state in description/credits who's the owner of the work. If this isn't made clear, mods will consider deleting it. You can also add some conditions in the description if you want (for example: if you don't want your work to be edited, if you don't want your character to be used for hentai, if you don't want your work to be used for commercial projects, etc) 
3. If the work does not belong to you, please credit the artist and leave a link to the page where they give their consent to let other people use it. Remember to repost artist's conditions. Failure to do so will be given a warning and the post will be deleted NO MATTER HOW HIGH QUALITY THAT WORK IS. 
4. The purpose of resources is to allow other people to use them, so please post usable content only. Avoid small pictures, bad quality works, cropped pictures. 
5. Please don’t use unrelated pictures as cover, it might be considered as a clickbait. 
6. Other than background section, all assets you upload must have a transparent background.
Character Section Rules
You CAN Post:
-sprites of a character with different pose/expressions (please upload all sprites of the same character all together if possible) 
-fanart sprites (remember to state the name of the original work) 
-R18 sprites (please remember to put a R18 sign in the cover)

You CANNOT Post:
-sprites from character generators or pre-made models (such as Rinmaru, MMD, CloudAvatar). You can upload sprites from character generators only if you own the original art 
-sprites of real people 
-original sprites of games/projects that don't belong to you (even if it's edited)
-works by other people without their permission

Background Section Rules
You CAN post:
-images with not-transparent backgrounds.

You CANNOT Post:
-screenshots from anime/games 
-CGs (picture showing characters) 
-real life photos without filter

GUI Section Rules
You CAN Post:
-start/save/load/option/mute/fullscreen etc buttons 
-choice boxes
-option icons

Make sure your picture is uploaded to a hosting site (such as or use professional upload with CloudNovel. If you don't, the picture might not be shown properly. Avoid using Photobucket as the link will always change.
DeviantArt, dropbox, computer local link don't work
More rules may be added later.
 If you see copyrighted works in the Resource, please report to mods. Admins and mods will delete any picture that doesn't respect the rules. Repeated pictures will be deleted too.