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CloudNovel is both a site to create visual novels AND a site to host them online. When you publish a visual novel, you can set is as UNLISTED or APPLY IT TO BE LISTED.
If you set it to be unlisted, it will be a "private" visual novel that can be shared throught link (anyone who has the link can play it, unless you set a password for it).
You can apply for it to be listed on CloudNovel site to show it publicly on our site (it will appear in search and might have a chance to be features in front page). But to be approved to be listed, you have to follow these rules:

To have your game approved, it must: 

❖ Be able to load properly without broken assets.
❖ Not containing any copyrighted material (any material that isn't explicitly free to use IS copyrighted). Fan games are allowed, but you have to use your own fan art and material (art and any material from original show/game/etc are copyrighted)
❖ Have credits to the rightful owners of art/music/story in the game credits. If it all belongs to you, please state so to avoid misunderstandings. 
If you use free assets from CloudNovel resource, you still have to give credits (note: the user who posted the asset is not always the owner of it). 
Google, youtube, DeviantArt, Pinterest, and other general sites who are not the owner of the material do NOT count as credit. 
Please list every owner of the assets you used. It took them time to make them, so please mention them at least. 
❖ Up to CloudNovel’s standard quality. It must be a polished demo or just decent in quality
❖ Not racist or insulting to other religions or identity.
❖ Not a test game
❖ Have visual content (not words only) 
❖ Every scene must be over than 10 pages. (Menu scene is okay.)
❖ Not use pictures of real people in your game. 
❖ Not be a project that meant to bring down others (Will get an immediate disapprove or even at risk of getting deleted)