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Please follow these rules while you are using CloudNovel forum. CloudNovel has a right to change the rules anytime so you may follow this thread so you can get a notification.

Forum Rules:

Violation of Forum Rules

Violators of forum rules will be given a warning and possibly having their post deleted without notice. Repeated violation of the rules will be resulting in a ban.

A ban could be issued by without notice and duration of a ban varies depending on the degree of the offence.

Serious offences:
  • Attempting to dig out personal information in the forum, infringing privacy or “doxing”
  • Posting suicidal, terrorisms, racism and or anything related to criminal activities
  • Targeting or harassing another user
  • Threatening the mods or a user, in a way to intimidate or scare them
  • Posting death threats whether in a joke or serious manner

Committing a serious offence will result in blacklisting the offender.

Reporting a Violation of Rules

If you found a user violating a rule, do not confront them. Use Chat Support on the top navigation bar to inform any of the staff.

  • Tagging a staff member to report a violation is not recommended as more than usual, it will lead to off-topic discussion or a fight.
  • If you have a complaint toward the staff, please give them a PM. There’s no need to make it a public affair by creating a thread.


Ban evasion is an act of using another account (usually known as a dwarf account) to avoid a ban. By doing so, these dwarf account will be blacklisted.


General Forum Rules

These are general rules for all forum. They are applicable to all threads. Some sub-forums may have additional rules.

General Rules for Posting:
  • No NSFW/racism/offensive/propaganda post. Be nice and respectful toward others. Think before posting.
  • Respect other privacy and your privacy. Do not post anything related to your personal issues and your personal information. Posting your pictures may be tolerated if done willingly but posting other’s picture or information is not. Other sensitive information such as your address, bank information and etc shall NOT be posted anywhere. Remember, strangers, dangers.
  • Post only in English. A bilingual post is okay as long as you have an English translation.
  • Do not derail a thread especially when the thread creator specifically said to not go off-topic.
  • Discussion about religions and politics are banned.

Creating a Thread
  • Use a title that is related to the content of your thread. Ambiguous, misleading or blank title (.......) is not recommended. If we received many complaints from other users, you will be given a warning. An offensive title will result in immediate deletion of the thread and you may be banned.
  • Thread with mature content is not allowed at this moment. Please wait till we worked on the adult feature.
  • Do not spam.

    How to know a thread is a SPAM?
    • The thread doesn’t have any solid content. The topic of discussion will change frequently and the discussion will go off-topic.
    • A post that contains only pictures, emoji, video or link without any comment or discussion.

  • Post thread in the correct place.

    • News and Information - Only CloudNovel staff can create a thread here.

    • Player’s Pavilion
      • Completed Games - Talk about completed projects that are published on CloudNovel or outside of CloudNovel.
      • Work In Progress - Talk about ongoing projects that are published on CloudNovel or outside of CloudNovel.

    • CloudNovel Community
      • Welcome - First time in CloudNovel? Introduce yourself to the community here.
      • Main Chat
        • General -Talk anything related to visual novels here. It doesn’t have to be something created using CloudNovel engine. However, it must not be a visual novel specific.
        • Support and Suggestion - Find a bug? Report here. Have suggestions? Tell them here.

      • Recruitment and Services
        • Recruitment - Need help to create your project? Recruit here.
          • Paid Jobs - Hire someone to help you
          • Free Collaboration - Seek help and collaborate with others for free
        • Services - Offer your services here

    • Creative Corner
      • Artist Corner
        • Art Challenge - Submission of Art Challenge goes here.
        • Art Showcase - Post your art here. Can be used to ask or offer advice related to art too.
      • Writer’s Corner
        • Writing Challenge - Submission of Writing Challenge goes here.
        • Noble Art of Writing - Post your writing here. Can be used to ask or offer advice related to writing too.
      • Musician’s Corner
        • Music Library - Post your music here. Can be used to ask or offer advice related to music too.

    • Entertainment
      • Chit Chat - Anything unrelated to visual novels goes here. Talk about anime, tv shows or etc here.
      • Role Play - Discussion about roleplay or doing a roleplay session goes here.

  • Do not advertise, including your discord server unless permitted by the staff.