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Ro Ro
Welcome to Breathing Fire where you will be either the enemy or an ally. The world as we know it is falling apart and we need to find out why and how and save it before it's too late. Will you join this journey to save the world; either for your benefit or others; with Sheru and her dragon friend.
Please create a character bio. Please have it contain a name, age(optional), gender, species(human, dragon, hybrid), likes, dislikes and how they look(eye color, hair color, etc.)
Ro Ro
(I just realized i didn't put my character...
Name: Sheru
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Dragoenix (Dragon-Phoenix-Human Hybrid)
Likes: Flying and feeling free
Dislikes: Being trapped to the ground or even caged up.
Appearance: Neon green (right eye) Fire red (left eye), red/orange/yellow hair when there is a breeze her hair seems to be on fire.)

Looking around Sheru couldn't figure out where she needed to go, her family had just forced her to go camping then ditched her in the middle of the woods.
(Name:  Tenshi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Wolvenari (Wolf-Angel-Human Hybrid)
Likes: Food, Friends, Family, Arms and Armor, and FlyingDislikes: Bullies
Appearance: Pale blue eyes with golden iris, Hair color: Golden Blond when I'm in sunlight, I look like I am glowing, Wolf-like ears on my head, also Golden Blond)
(Had to revise my avi. Also, in response to your recent post on here, RIP and I love the details on your avi. Grand choice of words!)
Ro Ro
Ro Ro
( we start or no? I'm really sorry)
(Lol. It's okay. Whenever you're ready, we can start.)
Ro Ro
I sat around waiting, I don't know what I was waiting on but I was waiting. Only at a time where I felt truly alone did I let my wings out. I wasn't use to being alone but right now I didn't know who to trust. The world was falling apart both metaphorically and literally.
I'd be hunting then I'd see you and approach you*
Ro Ro
The hairs on my neck twitched forcing me to want to check my surroundings. I gulped nervously drawing my wings back in so I looked human. I was afraid it was one of the dragon hunters who had been chasing me. "Oh please, don't let it be him." I whispered sniffing the air and looking towards you.
Smiles like an anime guy* Heya. *My Wolvenari wings were spread* (The wings are white with ice colored tips.)
Ro Ro
I slightly relax still keeping my wings in close. "Hey." I look around a bit nervous wondering if there were others. (Okay!)
Your wings... they are beautiful... quite like you. *Realizes what I said and instantly uses my wing to cover my blush*
Ro Ro
I stiffen at the compliment feeling my wings warm up and glow from where they were making it harder for me to hide my blush. "heh. Thanks." I whispered shyly (That sounds weird to me haha!)