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Hey, kiddo. Welcome to the Roleplay. I think that's what the humans call it. Anyway, Here, we just roleplay, share art, and basically anything. Feel free to join. Please state your rp name, abilities, species (Type of monster or a human), personality, age, sexual orientation (Optional), employment, crush (Optional) (Can be either an Undertale character or someone you know.), relationship status (Optional) likes, and dislikes upon entry. Or, if you just came here to talk, that's okay, too, bud. Have fun. Here's an example of a RP profile.:

Name: Mordu Silverblood
Abilities: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck. 
Species: Nephilim (Angel-Human Hybrid)
Personality: Strong, brave, Fast, Caring, Warrior etc.
Age: 17 going on 18 on December 25th (My real b-day as well. ^w^)
Sexual orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Employment: Shadowhunter
Crush: Griselda Wisp
Relationship Status: Single
Likes: Almost any food, Monster Energy, friends, Griselda Wisp  (^) (<---Supposed to be a heart.)
Dislikes: Bullies, salads except for fruit gumbo and fruit salad, healthy drinks except for lemonade of all kinds.
(I'll start.) 

*Walks into Mt. Ebbott* and sees the hole* Huh? What's this doing he-- *Trips over a vine* ...Well, crap. *Lands in a haystack at the bottom* Heh... Assassin's Creed style.*Gets out*
Ro Ro
(I can decide if i should do an OC or be Frisk or Chara *cries* also YAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!)
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(Imma just do an OC)
Name: Griselda Wisp
Nickname: Zelda or Wispy or Wisp
Abilities: She is able to shift and blend into her surroundings. She is still learning but can also control matter
Species: Wisper (wisp-shifter hybrid)
Personality: Shy, stubborn, and determined
Age: 16 years (will be 17 January 17, 2020!!! >W<)
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Employment: Keeping Flowey in check (and helping him turn back to Asriel) 
Crush: Mordu Silverblood
Relationship Status: Single
Likes: making friends and getting to know other monsters while making sure everyone is safe
Dislikes: Flowey doing what was told NOT to do, and unnecessary fights
Ro Ro
I had lost him again, Flowey had made it away from me and I promised Frisk I would keep and eye on him. Running down the path of the Ruins I pray that no one had fell down the hole who was vulnerable. "Flowey I'm going to kill you!" I growl under my breath. I was in a wolf form to help sniff him out but even then it was hard. Sniffing the air I caught a scent and started following it.
Hmm... If I'm gonna be stuck down here, I might as well explore a bit. *Walks through the ruins, expecting company* By Raziel, these ruins are plentiful. *Yawns* Hm... I'd better find a place to rest. *Finds a bench nearby to a tree* This'll do. I'd sit, lay down, then slowly drift to sleep*
Ro Ro
I keep my head down sniffing the air trying to figure out where Flowey could have gone. I walk pass you with out noticing. "Flowey I will kill you if I find out you have harmed someone!" I growled going to where the hole was. "Frisk is going to put me in the dog house for sure." I whimpered turning around to head back. Not realizing Flowey had wrapped himself around me.
Wakes up* Mmmh... *Sees you, then Flowey wrapped around you* I'm trying not to laugh*
Ro Ro
I notice you and stop where I was. "Oh, hi. You must be new?" I tilt my head before changing back to a more human-like-state. My eyes widen feeling somthing wrapped around my arm, I look down and spot Flowey. "Flowey!! How long have you been there I have looking all over for you! Don't you ever wonder away from me again! Frisk would be upset and Chara would kill me if they find out!" I said almost in tears. "Geez, sorry. I just wanted to have some fun." Flowey said looking away. "Well at least you're here now." I said clearing my throat.
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Saw that coming. lol) In a way, I guess I am new to this place. I'm Mordu. Mordu Silverblood. And you are?