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Welcome to Royale! Here, you can make friends, roleplay, and basically do whatever! But please, keep it PG-13. No adult content, please! 
Please state your RP name, bio, creature type, likes, dislikes and abilities upon first arrival. Don't hesitate to DM me if you require assistance!! Thank you and once more, Welcome to Royale High!
can you make a sample of the profile?
Sure thing. Name: Azrael Lightwood Bio: I am a strong, caring and protective person. I'm a Tsundere, but I'll warm up to you once you get to know me. Creature Type: Shadowhunter/Angel-human hybrid. Likes: Weapons, Armor, Gaming, Music, Swimming, Suki Haki, Skateboarding, Manga, Anime. Dislikes: Bullies, Salad, Sushi. Abilities: Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Charm.
name: fluff
bio: i don't know what's going on. there are weird people around me. i wonder if they're friendly. actually applied to the wrong school
creature type: fluff
likes: soft things
dislikes: bothersome things
abilities: meme the hell out of you
(Starting RP now!) *My alarm clock rings and I fall out of bed* Skara! *I'd look at my watch* Oh... First day of school... *Sigh* Better get ready... *Does my morning routine, walks out the front door and spreads my wings, then leaves for school* (At school) Huh... Bigger than I thought it'd be... *I'd pull my headphones over my head and listen to Babymetal: Ijime Dame Zettai* 
{Side note: If you want to talk outside of the roleplay, please use either parentheses ( () ). }

i stand in front of a huge school. the students who pass by are glaring at me because i'm probably in the way. but i can't care less. what an elegant school! aloof students! gorgeous uniforms! uwah it must be a top class school without mistake! mommy said she managed to enroll me into a good school but i didn't think it would be thiiiis good! mommy, what underhanded way did you use?? but i'm still thankful. it has always been my dream to attend a high class school like this! but... there's just one problem. the students here... aren't they a bit weird? i mean, that guy over there has wings! what's thaaaat????
mommy, where did you send me to??? çwç
I'd notice you, smile, and wave* (How does one join a team?)
((you mean a team to make a visual novel? you just click on join team and wait for the team leader to accept or refuse))

I look left and look right, then realize that the winged person is waving at me. Huh? Do I know him? No, no, no, if I had met a person with wings, I'd remember of him, at least. I'd have an impression of it, at least. Right???
Still uncertain, I slowly wave back with a half smile "Hello"
(Not exactly. I noticed the logo under your name. I'm quite jealous, to be honest. XD Though, I'm not that good at drawing. '^w^ But I am in progress of publishing an autobiography. {For those who have forgotten, an autobiography is a book about your life and you. Biographies are about other people. XD} Thanks for rping with me, btw.) *Puts my headphones around my neck* Heya. I'm Azrael. It's great to make your acquaintance. It's always nice to meet someone new. *Smiles again*
((ooh that can be won from contests and such. they are special prizes. and you're welcome. i'm happy to see more people around here too))

oooh it looks like he's pretty normal, despite having wings. ah what a relieeeef
"hello, i'm fluff. are you a new student here? what class are you in?"
i wonder if he can help me get a clue of this school. mommy sent me here without telling me anything. she didn't even prepare an uniform for me! damn, i want that uniform! it looks so cool ok??? bro, tell me where i can get one of those pleaseee
(XD The way you rp reminds me of my baby sister who is now 7. ._.) Actually, I've been here for quite some time. I know all of the locations of the school. Plus... *Looks around, making sure nobody hears them* Whispers, "I also know some hidden places the school headmaster doesn't even know about." (Another side note: I forgot to mention that Character age is required and orientation {Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Quest., Straight} is optional. Once again, Welcome to Royale and thank you!) Would you like a tour? Oh.. um... By the way... You need a uniform for this school. I'll buy you one if you'd like. *Smiles wide*
((i'm actually 6 teehee))

my eyes shine as soon as he mention about buying me a uniform and taking me around for a tour. but most importantly a u-n-i-f-o-r-m! 
"yes please! can we go right now?" *eye beam*

((oh ok, do we add it to the profile by editing the first post?))
(OOF! XD) Why, certainly. *30 minutes into the tour, we approach a shady group of people* And this is the bathrooms... *They glare at us* One moment please. Feel free to use the bathroom, should you feel the need to go. *One of the girls tries to distract me while a guy draws a dagger from his sheath*  I'd gently push past the girl, pop out a hidden blade, and assassinate the guy, during which, you are using the bathroom* There was no other way it could end... *I'd sheath my weapons, kneel down and close his eyes, you walking out right as I finally say, "Requiescat in pace."*

(It's entirely up to you. You can add things to your profile on any rp phase. It doesn't have to be the first.)