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(Welcome to Doki Doki Literature Club! I'm MC, also known as Kage Hikara! Here, we roleplay, write and share poems, make friends, chat, and share fan art! We have literature of all kinds! Manga included! Currently, the club only have 1 member: Me. I'm hoping to acquire more members, but so far, nobody's joined... TTwTT If you'd like to join, please name your character, insert his/her age, biography, and appearance, and enjoy the roleplay!)

(Example Profile {Mine!}: Name: Kage Hikara Age: 16 Bio: I'm a Tsundere who loves to bake, read manga, and draw. I also love music, video games, and anime! Appearance: 5", Casual outfit outside of school {Black T-shirt with Sword Art Online title in Japanese, Black ripped Jeans, Black G-shock watch, Black fingerless gloves, Black Combat boots} Gold eyes, School uniform during school hours {Burgundy Blazer, White polo, red tie, blue slacks, black dress shoes}, Light brown hair, white teeth with sharpened canines {To look like a vampire, kinda.}, Muscular.)
(Addit. to bio: 1st year student. Addit. to intro: The school is Ota-ku Academy in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan.)
(Addit to bio: SO: Bisexual)
*Walks into class just as the bell is ringing* Wow... this is Ota-ku Academy, huh? Impressive. *4 periods later, it's lunch* *Looks at the club listings and sighs* I will be forever alone. Maybe someone will join my club... As soon as somebody does, They'll be president, maybe. I'd rather not risk another incident... I wonder if Monika, Natsuki, Sayori, and Yuri go to this school... I hope so... I miss them... Even if Monika did do all those things. Goes to the club room, stands at the podium and practices my inspirational speech* 
(Why isn't anyone posting but me? TTwTT)
(I'll roleplay with you, hold on let me read the previous messages)
(Take your time... *Sigh*)
im trying to make a doki doki game but finding sprites are hard
Looks around the clubroom and sighs* Still nobody...
Ro Ro
(I would join but I don't know little to nothing about Doki Doki Literature Club....sorry)
(S'alright, mate. It's basically High School life with poems, love, and betrayal. And death... A lot of Death... TTwTT In the game, anyway. Not in this roleplay! ^w^)
Ro Ro
Continues to write a Manga I have been working on for a few months* Maybe shouldn't add that bit... *Erases explicit content* Think of the kids. That's the Natsuki way. *Chuckles* She was fun... although she was a bit.... eccentric. 
(I will gladly join you!)

(Bio - Name: Aiko Hamada Age: 17 Bio: I tend to be a typical teenage otaku girl, who has an extreme passion for animation and anime + manga. I start off as shy when I meet new people, but once you get to know me, I feel more comfortable and I'm more open about more things. I love music and video games as well! I am a 1st year student. SO: Pansexual Appearance: 5' 5", casual outfit outside of school {gray sweater, blue cat-ear headphones, ripped jeans, black heeled ankle boots}, green eyes, school outfit {dark blue pleated skirt, grayblazer over a brown sweater-vest, a white-collared shirt, and (of course) a red ribbon, with black thigh-high leggings and the blue-tipped slippers from the game} maple brown hair)