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Hello and welcome to Converse High! Here, we basically learn, eat, learn, and go to club meetings. You can start your own club, join other clubs, make friends, role play, and, as always, converse with others! *Rimshot* Once more, Welcome to Converse High and enjoy your year!)

Kage Hikara




One Amber Eye (Right); one grey eye (Left), showing blindness; Tan skin; dark clothing; wolf tail; wolf ears; sharp canines; body covered in scars; scar runs across right eye; cross shaped scar on my left cheek


-Fought in many wars during childhood and teenage years
-Abandoned in Forest at birth
-Raised by wolves
-1st Year
Walks into the school* Sighs* I'm the only one here again... Better go to class... *Heads to class and sits at a desk, my feet up*
(TT^TT No responses...)
Ro Ro
Griwien said: (TT^TT No responses...)
@Griwien I know nothing about this)
(It's just a random school roleplay. Not based on anything except a person on CloudNovel with the roleplay's username. XD)
Ro Ro
Name - Ro Sheru
Age - 16
Appearance - Left red cat eye and right blue cat eye, black hair, caramel tan skin, rebel type clothing, black somewhat puff cat tail, black cat ears, Peregrine Falcon wings, one scar close to right wing traveling towards the bottom of my left side
Extra -
Has been down death road more than three times, almost lost a wing on one.
Is a quick learner and loves to exercise her wings, especially the right one.
Also loves to take strolls and have fun.
Ro Ro
I make a running landing and quickly fold my wings in as I enter the school. Looking around I quickly find my classroom and rush in. "Oh, hi." I force myself to stop and turn to face you. "I thought I was late..." I huffed breathing heavily.
Nope. *The bell rings* There's the bell. I'd sit in the center, every female student surrounding me, each glancing at the cross shaped scar on my left cheek*
*I'd read a war novel, sensing everyone looking my way* *I'd look at everyone, then they'd jump back, All but you*
Ro Ro
"Are they scared of you?" I asked sitting in the seat behind you, the girl that sat there was on the floor glaring up at me. I turn to stare at her my eyes seeming to glow, she backs away and goes to take a different seat not looking in my direction. I pulled my hood up more not wanting my ears to be seen, my tail was in my belt loops so it wasn't real obvious. I shifted uncomfortably wanting to let my tail out but didn't know how others would react.
Sees your tail* It's fine. I let mine show. I'm not afraid to show the real me. *My tail glows a golden light, showing I'm from the Wolvenari pack*
Ro Ro
I widen my eye tensing up more knowing how our two clans were enemies and hated each other. I slowly allow my tail out the lights around it allowed it to glisten red before returning back. I begin tapping my foot now wanting to get out of there afraid of what you would do to me.
I'd stand up, then stand next to you* You're afraid... *Kneels then hugs you* I may be your enemy, but that doesn't mean I hate you. In fact, I kinda have quite the interest in you.
Ro Ro
My tail puffs up and my hood falls behind me revealing my ears, I tense up and keep my eyes forwards not really knowing what to do. I wasn't use to this, my clan never does things like this it was always discipline. I slowly turn to face you my ears flat against my head. "What was that?"