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Hello Cloudnovel! First forum post here. Today, I'd like to bring up a visual novel idea I just came up with after doodlin a lil character.

this is Cubey! she's the main... antagonist? I guess.. not really.. I dunno yet. Here's her bio- 

" Cubey is quite literally a blockhead. She's naïve, but as sweet as one can be. Or so everyone thinks. Cubey is the host of a kid's TV show named ShapeWorld, where creatures made of shapes can exist. The show consists of 3 seasons, and was canceled shortly after the 3rd season was aired in around 2011 - 2013. Each epsiode featured a guest star, normally a random kid, entering Shapeworld and going on various adventures. The show was a mix of live action and 2d animation, with the live action segments showing how the child gets into ShapeWorld. It was most likely canceled for being too similar to another show.

One fateful day, a man with two children who were obsessed with ShapeWorld, found a DVD containing all 3 seasons at a yard sale. His kids begged him to buy it for them, so of course, he paid the owner and went on his day. But that DVD sure did have some strange energy... "

Basically it'll be a parody of those lost cartoon episode creepypastas. Hopefully I can avoid all the clichés! Ahaha...

here's some more concept art--

just Cubey being creepy.

I wanna know what you guys think! Please feel free to comment n such, would mean a lot!! Thank you!

UUUUPDATE it has a logo now


ShapeWorld was a popular kid's TV show that ran in 2011 - 2013, consisting of 3 full seasons. It was cancelled shorty after the third season aired, most likely due to being too similar to another show. ShapeWorld's plot was that each day, a new person ( normally a child or teenager ) would enter Shapeworld if they were unhappy enough. Cubey would transport herself to the real world, and bring the kid into ShapeWorld with her to explore. The show had both 2d animated and live action sequences. Each episode was around 11 minutes long. It was semi-educational, teaching some basic geometry and occasionally some reading and writing skills. "
Hey friends!! it's been a while, but I'm back on cloudnovel! I'm considering restarting Shapeworld, but keeping the main concept and characters. Would anyone be interested in forming a team with me?