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New features:
June 15th 
To make the engine less confusing, we have hidden all advanced features from the default engine. 
To enable them again, please go to the Settings tab of your project, scroll down and click on "Add Ons". 
Tick the features you want to add.

NOTE: This will NOT change anything in your visual novel if you already used those features in your VN.

June 21st
To ease the CloudNovelist communicating with each other, Sonya has added a New Message line breaker to differentiate the old messages and the unread messages in Private Message. We hope with this new feature, you can enjoy conversing more in CloudNovel! 

fixed bugs:
June 8th
  • Bugs fixed: links in visual novel texts now appear without lag
  • Manage collections, now available in your account settings
June 15th
  • filter animation won't lag anymore. you just have to set the duration to 0
  • fixed bug about pixelating when resizing
  • fixed bug about timeline following your cursor
  • fixed bug with spritesheet
June 21st
  • fixed delay in instant notification
  • fixed forum ping bug. You are now allowed to ping yourself
  • fixed online users bug. Now it will show the actual and accurate number of online users.
June 28th
  • text button bug is fixed
  • bug when going to a specific page in another scene is fixed
  • fixed bugs in forum

new tutorials:
Add-ons tutorial is in W.I.P.
choice of pronouns lenore teaches you how to automatically adapt pronouns in your visual novel if you have an option to choose genre.
New Visual Novels

ConjureCraft by lenore 
A very interesting witchcraft simulation. Although it is not story-based, it features a lot of mechanisms. Highly recommended!

Cryolocked.(DEMO) by cardnal69 
You play as Curtis Latham, a Private detective in a Futuristic Houston Texas on the hunt for the serial killer who murdered your old partner.
After two years of searching, you finally find a lead on where he's been setting up shop but, at the same time a green-haired woman has dropped a case into your lap and what it entails may or may not be worth the money.

Hotto hiyoko by somesaltycoding | COMPLETED
A girl from your middle school, Mendori, is in your high school class! what shenanigans will you two get up to? hopefully, like, some, because the game is supposed to be fun to play.
Aetheria: The Dating Sim (WIP) by Cheluat

BIOSCIENCE - [DEMO!] by reneemadre 
Just another school day, right?
[MC is genderless, but in the final game, will be female.]

Learning! by slimeex7
[size=17]Go learn some crap.
based of ddlc (doki doki literature club)

New Resources
3 new characters resource by Neeka. 

For our upcoming Ocean Paradise jam, fluffness and lenore made some assets fitting the theme:

Sonya's Candice character

Interview with FishyFeathers:  creator of Insidious (Complete)Rococo Love (Alpha)The Witch of Pondgulch
With useful advices on how to make a professional-looking game and more!