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Hello again, it is I, Princess Sonya, and we are back with another week of updates on CloudNovel!

This week, no new features, but we did fix a lot of bugs. Also, everyone please welcome @MidZM as he is now helping me fix bugs on the engine and website! He is a very capable coder, and we are very lucky to have him help us! Anyway here is the list of bugs we've fixed this week:

  1. Import Bulk Text bug in firefox and edge has now been fixed (thanks to @MidZM)
  2. Sound asset animation click fixed in timeline editor in engine (again, also thanks to @MidZM)
  3. Notification scrolling for announcements tab has also been fixed (thanks to @MidZM)
  4. How to Make a Visual Novel tutorial in the engine has been changed slightly thanks to a couple people who told us about the bugs
  5. Screen animations disappearing bug has also been fixed

Aside from that, mainly this week the mods and I have been working on Cafe Rouge. We are almost finished with this game, so once we release this game on July 1st, we will be back on schedule with other website development such as CloudRPG and CloudAvatar game engines.

That's it for this week, thanks for tuning into another weekly update on CloudNovel!

Glad I could help ^.^
I can't wait to see the engine development for CA and CRPG!

And good luck on the game release July 1st!  Hope you guys get a lot of sales on Steam and people playing it on CN! >:3