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lovelyiris lovelyiris
I am working on a visual novel but I want there to be three routes and a true route that is password protected.  Can someone please tell me how to do this? It's the very early stages of my visual novel and I am a beginner.  This is a very nice, beautiful, and useful site! 
So what I understood is that you don't know how to created a password for your route. As you are a beginner I'll try to cover as much info as possible.

First you'll need to create your scenes (if you didn't already), after you can go to "Flags" and "+ Add Flag" ... if you wanna an Alphanumeric password choose string, if its only number you can use integer ... flags are case sensitive and spaces counts ...

You'll need to setup so the player can unlock route... while at page toggle the advance option so you can access more functions, there will be "Page Inputs", there you add text so like "write here" or "password" , and select the flag you created ... the important part is to add conditions so if player submit the right password it will go to scene you choose, if password isn't right it will either go to next page or the next scene branched.


Scenes have conditions on their own so you can set conditions while at the scene tab, so you can skip the condition inside the page, yet have the condition inside the page can be usefull as well ... that always depends on how you wanna organize your novel.

Hope I could help you and answer your question.

lovelyiris lovelyiris
Thanks! I'll try this out. :) I appreciate your help!