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Just to be up front,  this is NOT a romance game.

I've been working on this project on and off for a while now (it's an idea I've toyed with for a long time, but only last year started putting together) you can look over the full details in a google doc here (it's still a bit of a mess, but I have most of the details in here)
For the people who don't want to click a random link, the basic concept is that it's a fantasy steampunk horror mystery game. 

What I need help with
Art : I'm not the best artist. The character sprites shown in the google doc are done by me but they're mostly traced from whatever I could find. I'm pretty good at visualizing characters, but haven't gotten to the point of being able to translate that to actual pictures very well yet. I'm more practiced with writing, which is why there's a written description for all of them as well. I think I have all the characters, though I am debating adding a couple more (there's a total of 9, with 2 being a duplicate style of each other)
The backgrounds are mostly composite images I've made myself, and I'm slightly partial to how they look, though I'm not against anyone wanting to help out with that.
Other than that, I can pretty much handle creating UI assets myself (you can see some examples of what I've done here) 
Writing: I just need somebody to bounce ideas off of and make sure it makes sense (a common worry of mine since I tend to be wrapped up in my own mind a lot) I don't have the script as written out as I probably should have and I know some character explanations are still rather vague (most notably Keith and Al) I'd be open to editing/writing on somebody's project in exchange since this would probably be really involved.

I think that's it for the time being. I don't really have much implemented yet, but I think I can handle everything else on my own. I'm open to doing an exchange (whatever I can help out with on a project for whatever anyone wants to contribute)
im not very good with backgrounds but i could do sprites
Hey I can totally help but I need a bit of time since my computer is busted at the moment....

Characters I  can make decent so I may be able to help with that for you