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this is just a place for writers to hang out, share ideas, and get feedback on they're projects, and possibly advertise they're projects on other websites such as wattpad. i'm making this chat because i have serious writers block and cant seem to find any writers to get ideas from.

rule(mostly for behavior):
1) be kind and don't be disrespectful of ideas
2) if someone does advertise they're project, be respectful
3) if you see writing mistakes, be nice about it.
LunarGrimes LunarGrimes
Hello, I love visual novels. A lot. I have so many ideas for potential stories but I always suck at putting them into practice and eventually get bored of them T-T. But there some stories that I've been really passionate about like my one visual novel "I'm in love with a serial killer." It's a BL horror visual novel about a boy named Haru who finds out his crush is a crazy murderer. The serial killer is very good at mind games and some say he is even a master manipulating genius (and an expert in artificial intelligence) so Haru has to avoid death most of the time. That's pretty much it so far :)
sounds interesting, i'd love to see that once it's finished.
LunarGrimes LunarGrimes
speedythejolteon said: sounds interesting, i'd love to see that once it's finished.
Thank you. Hopefully it's something worth reading
im sure it will be, be optimistic, especially about death