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Hey. I've already introduced myself, but ~I'll do it again, slightly differently, this time. Hey. My name is Griwien. But I'm typically known as Mordu Wolfblood. I'm a Shadowhunter from an uncharted land. By "uncharted," I mean secret, so I can't tell you where I'm from. I am a strong, loyal, determined, agile, persuasive, and brave warrior trained by my mentor in the Institute I was adopted into. I have one brother and one sister, both adoptive. The same goes for my parents, who I recently found out are now divorced. Right now, I live in Middleton, Idaho, currently enrolled in Middleton High School as a Senior. After I graduate, I will return home and take care of my family and maybe even start one of my own. However, I am single so that may not come too soon. Still, I'm single like a pringle that's ready to mingle. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Ave atque vale. 
Forgot to mention that I am Bisexual but prefer women, I'm a musician, gamer, and Otaku.
As well as a Writer, Game Designer, Music Developer, Song Composer, YouTuber,  and a designer for fashion.
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I'm a bit confused as to what I am suppose to put on here...would you please explain? Sorry if I shouldn't have asked.
(Not much, really. Just telling you about myself. You can post your thoughts, questions, and/or comments about me. No hate speech, please.)
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Oh okay. If it is okay to ask, who are your siblings? Do you like them?
My brother is... well, was known as Xavier Jordan. But he's no longer with us. I loved him. A lot. In a way, I guess I was kinda... attracted to him. That sounded a lot better in my head... ._. Anyway, there's also my two sisters, who I am unable to type due to privacy policy, that are loved. They do annoy me sometimes. But I still help them. My oldest sister had a baby girl in December of 2018. Baby's name is Avery. 
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Oh cool! I'm sorry to hear about your brother.
It's fine. He is in a better place now. One day, I'll see him once again. Although, I do sense his spiritual presence as I lay in bed.
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Yeah? What is your belief? I'm a christian.
Well... I'm not exactly a believer... 
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Oh? Okay, sorry if that was awkward then.
No, not at all! In fact, I'm glad you asked. 
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Do you play video games?