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Hi! I've been on cloudnovel for about a week now. It's such a wonderful platform and there are no many games to choose from.

Does anyone have recommendations on what to play? What's your favorite game on cloudnovel and why?

Skights (hiatus)
All the elements get you drawn straight into the legend. Still my personal favourite.
Sonya's really busy, so no update yet. There's at least five full chapters up, though.

Red Grimly Tale (completed)
A darker twist on the tale of Red Riding Hood. Every character appears in the form of a human, so there are some wolf guys.

Lobby Room 404 (discontinued/hiatus)
Takes place in an abstract world. But darn, that last part was kinda sad.
It's unlikely ReroFunk will continue this, but one major arc is completed.

The Sigj (completed)
Sweet story. The character has unexpected company on his birthday (party, but he was alone until this mysterious character came).

Supernova: Witch Academy (discontinued)
In a school in a fantasy world. There's a nice friendship among the characters.
The visual novel version is discontinued. The creators are looking to remake it as a role-playing game with RPG Maker.

CloudNovel Breakdown!! (completed)
A meta-visual-novel collaboration. Nine visual novels within this visual novel. If you make it through to the end, the ending is really satisfying. It was so satisfying I was happy for the rest of the day.

There are more, but out of the ones I've played, these are the ones that stand out most to me.