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I know that many or y'all don't necessarily care about my projects, but I'm just going to talk about them here!

I have so MANY projects and ideas that I'm running out of actual work juice! I want to work on all of my projects but then I come up with another idea and then want to do that one instead of the other one and AAAAAAAA
Not only that, but I have some huge commissions to do (drawing 7 dragons FB, 9 icons,a  title card, and friend requests)! So much work on my plate!

Anyways, most of my projects are VNs! I have an idea for at least 5!

1.) A friendsim where you "date" the 12 months of the year (no idea what to do with the plot)
2.) A dating sim where you are in college and date my friends OCs(was a joke but is now serious-ish)
3.) A monster dating sim
4.) Mystery jam game
5.) A dating sim where you date Biblical angels

So many projects!
Into the mouth. whhhp *Smack* Noice.
ahahaha, i just made another project *sweats*
Slow applause*