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This is for my game Fusegene but I wanted to make a separate post bc it's important-

So, in the game I want to have three "options":
No voice acting, Little voice acting, and Full voice acting.

I need voice actors for all 25 characters tho. 1 person can do more than 1 voice.
I'm going to make a document that includes how all characters talk and then work on a document that includes all the lines that need to be voice acted.

Link: Still a W.I.P.

Anyway, thanks!
 Hi I am new to this sight however, I would like to try voice acting. 
sure i havent voiced acted before but i'll try
I love voice acting, but I’m not sure how to transfer the files into cloudnovel...
If we can figure it out and I am able to do it, I’d love to :)
*sparkly eyes*

I would love to help with voice acting, but only if you really need me to be one 'cause I'm not a professional or even practicing voice actor, but I would love to try it! I even have a pretty good mic!