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Director, Writer: Runa Ruan
Art Concepts, Sprites, CGs: Claire Keller
Music: Kevin MacLeod

Want to join in on the fun with a tiny group in mind? We need…

Programmer: Could be you!
Logo: Could be you!
GUICould be you!
BackgroundsCould be you!
Sound EffectsCould be you!
Social Media and MarketingCould be you!
Voice Acting (British accents encouraged!)Could be you!

Created with light gameplay mechanics in mind. The aim of Edith Victoria is to introduce new readers to the visual novel genre, prioritizing excellent story and riveting art over all else. However, several features will be implemented:

  • Young adult to mature with themes of imperialism, racism, post-industrialism, and how to live on and rise above with trauma
  • Demo word count: Around 30K
  • Expected word count: Around 80-100K
  • 9-10 possible endings
  • LGBTQish friendly (asexual routes available, agender/intersex characters)
  • 5 love interests (mostly heterosexual with 1 polyamorous relationship possible)
  • Sexual NSFW scenes will be added and turned on/off in final

Latest Sneak Peek at the Concept Art
could i give it a shot and make you a logo?

Hi I am new to this site however I would like a shot at the voice acting?
@runaruan Uwaaah, this seems interesting. Will this made in CloudNovel engine?