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Hi All!
I'm just getting back into creating visual novels, and I'm trying to put together a creative team for a project.  It's a fantasy romance VN with some thriller elements, where you have to defend an upperclassmen at your magic school from some creepy girls in your club.  I'm looking for all positions right now, though my talents definitely lean more toward the writing side of things and not the visual.  I'd like to craft a supportive and creative team to bounce around ideas and bring this project to life.
We have some writers and editors on board, but we're still looking for artists of all varieties.  If you like to draw, but don't want to be part of a project where you have no control over the story, you'd be welcome to help out with both.
Have a good day, everyone!
are you still looking for a sprite artist?
I have a tentative sprite artist at the moment, but if you'd like to be part of the project, there's always work to be found.
You need a person to change images or do you need Sounds
We're looking for a background artist, and we don't have anyone on sound yet at all.  And more writers are always welcome.
Yes it is!  The story is being continuously developed, so it looks a bit different from the above summary by now, but we'd love new members!  DM me if you are still interested!
Oh, and welcome to CloudNovel!  It's a pretty great community, so I hope you enjoy it here!
Do you need a translator?
Hello :D I was wondering if you need an artist or a writer?
Hi Verita if you need any art or UI let me know. Best of luck with your project!