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It's exactly what it says on the tin; I need seven sprites, one for each of the main characters in my VN Legacy. These will be used for primarily demo purposes since I still want a full set of sprites for each character in the final version. But of course, I wouldn't ask for such a volume of artwork without paying for it, so that is on hold until I can set aside some cash.

These initial 7 won't go entirely without compensation either, but it will only be in the form of writing/editing services, which I'll be happy to lend to any project you'd like. I understand if that price is rather low, but it is the only offer I have for now and I would really appreciate any assistance I can get.
I just recently found out I’m decent at drawing humans, so if you want I can help here is my newest example
@Cozly Your art looks pretty good ^~^. I'd be glad to take whatever you've got, though I should probably say that all of the characters you'd be drawing would actually be female haha. Can we discuss the details in pm?
@DaymanTomoe im glad you like my art, I should be able to draw all the things you need but if something comes up and I can’t do all then I apologise, i don’t mind giving female’s a go, shouldn’t be too hard, and yes we can discuss in pm