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alright. roadhog is the character from overwatch, as you may know. and I wanted to make a game where he violently farts on you. like, violently. I wanted to make it a multiple perspective game where you play as yourself in the beginning, but once you die from farting, you will see from roadhog's point of view (braaphog) and understand how it feels to have fart problems. all my life, I've had gastrointestinal issues so I wanted to bring awareness to the unfortunate circumstances some unfortunate souls have to go through every day, holding in their farts at work, school, and more. and how painful it can be to just hold it in. so I wanted people to become more confident in farting, through the lens of a very recognizable character such as roadhog, to spread awareness of farting.i just posted the beginning of the game on my profile, if you'd like to check it out. Im quite proud of it so far and I hope I you guys like it. i am totally up for suggestions or any advice on my visual novel, I'm thinking of making it a fully fledged game that will be a total of 5+ hours with extensive dialogue and in depth relationship advice and advice centering around farting issues that many people experience on the daily. thanks for reading! I am looking for artists and game developers to help me on my journey, its going to be a long one and I'm hoping to make a Braaphog (Roadhog) Trailer on youtube for the game.