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These rules are for the Resource Gallery
Please read it when adding an asset to the resource or using an asset from it.

Resource rules have been updated. Please read it carefully.
(UPDATED: November 5th, 2019)

Uploading to Resources Gallery

Every time, you upload an asset to Resources Gallery, it will not be listed immediately. Your asset will need to go through a screening due to an influx of copyright infringement assets uploaded in the past. To prevent this, we have been filtering the resources that could appear on the site.

Now, you may ask, what is Resource Gallery?

Resource Gallery is a place where users could upload resources that could be used by ANYONE. Therefore, Resource Gallery is not a place to showcase your artworks. It is also not a place to upload the asset for your visual novel.

Here are several guides for you to pay attention to when you upload an asset to CloudNovel.

If you are the copyright owner of the asset:
  • You must state you are the copyright owner in the description. 
  • You must state the term of usage of your asset. (Is it okay to use for commercial use? or anything)
  • Your asset must be transparent PNG unless you are uploading background asset.
  • Make sure your asset is not exclusive rights. People would be using your assets for their game so if you do not want people to use your assets, DO NOT UPLOAD THEM TO RESOURCES GALLERY.

If you are sharing other works:

  • You must clearly state who owned the assets. Link to original creator is highly encouraged.
  • You must state the term of use for the asset. You need to link to the original ToS page. (Do the creator allow editing? Do the creator allows Commercial/Non-Commercial use/etc).
  • The asset must be allowed for sharing and redistribution.
  • If the creator only allowed the assets to be shared but not redistribution, you may watermark the image asset with the word SAMPLE and add only ONE image as a cover image then don't add any images to the content. Next, add the link to the original source in the description.
  • If the copyright owner does not allow sharing, JUST DONT SHARE IT HERE.

If you are sharing R18 assets:

  • You are required to censor the cover image of the assets.
  • You are required to add [R-18] at the very front of your asset title.

If you are uploading using free version:

  • Please make sure you upload the assets to a long-lasting hosting site (such as or create your own private discord server to get a link). DeviantArt link does not longer works on CloudNovel. Avoid using hosting site such as PhotoBucket or imgur as their link would quickly expired and always changing.

If you are uploading using Premium version:

  • You are recommended to use direct upload.
  • If you are uploading asset(s) that is not yours, you are not allowed to make it unlockable using points.

Make sure you upload the assets to its proper section

  • Character - Sprites of a character with at least two expression (Optional: Differerent pose, clothes, etc)
  • Background - Background art | Filtered environment photo.
  • Object - Icons, Items and etc
  • GUI - Buttons for GUI (Play, Load and etc), Textboxes, Arrows, Screen Background, Bars, Choice Boxes and anything that is related to GUI

To get listed, you must abide by the rules. Here are the rules and action we would take if you do not adhere to the rules.

We will disapprove your asset(s), if:

  • You do not give proper credit.
  • You do not state the term of use/term of service.
  • You do not upload transparent PNG except for background assets.
  • You do not have more than one expression for character assets.
  • You are uploading a bad quality asset. (small, cropped, etc)

We will delete your asset(s), if:

  • You are uploading an existing asset(s).
  • You are uploading cover image only.
  • You are using unrelated images as a cover image. This is considered as clickbait.
  • You are uploading unrelated assets to game development (unrelated artwork, fan art, etc)
  • You are uploading assets that belong to other people who do not allow you to share and redistribute it.
  • You are uploading a real-life image such as human 
  • You are uploading real-life environment photo (which do not have any filter on)
  • You are uploading the work of others without permission.
  • You are uploading the work of others but required people to unlock it for points.
  • You have falsely claimed the asset(s) as yours even though it is not.
  • You are uploading asset(s) from a generator (such as CloudAvatar, Rinmaru, MMD) or pre-made models (for character assets.
  • You are uploading asset(s) that clearly meant not to be used by others (eg: troll assets, low quality and etc)

We will ban your account, if:

  • You have repeatedly violated the rules that would result in asset(s) deletion.

IMPORTANT: We may add more rules in the future.

All that said, our staffs are still humans so it is very much possible for the asset(s) that are violating the rules slip off our sight and accidentally approved. If you find an asset that is violating the rules, please immediately contact the mod using the Help button on the main navigation bar.
Using Asset(s) from Resources Gallery

You MUST credit the copyright owner of the assets.

Often times, assets in Resource Gallery are reposted from kind artists who allowed their work to be shared and reposted. Therefore, most of the time, the owner is not the uploader. To find out who owned the art, please check in the description box.

We required users to upload the asset(s) with credits thus, it should be there. If you see none or miscrediting, please report the assets to the moderator as soon as possible.

Where to Add the Credits

Open your project > Go to Settings > Under description box you will see a credits box. Enter the credits here.

In the case of Ginger girl in the picture above, the credits belong to

Not adding credits to your game will surely give your game disapproval when you published the game later as stated in the Listing Guide. Please make sure to credit for a smooth process when you published it late. For extra precaution, you may add the credits inside your game (in the main menu) too.