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"Looks like someone took a big sink, and cut it in half to make these two small sinks."

Something is happening to Frisk's soul, its fadding away; It's dying. Chara, Flowey, and Frisk have to go back to the underground and figuer out what went wrong! But when they do retuned, the underground seems did they end up in the Kingdom of Darkness?

This is a fan game the crosses over both Undertale and Deltarune universe, I have had this idea in my head since Deltarune was release. You can play the demo here:  Hi! Click Me!
So, I need some help. I'm making this VN all pixel like, but I'm not the best with pixel art. If you love doing pixel art I could really use your help!! If you also like to make music, I could use help that as well. Feel free to messeg me :3