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ねじれた友達 (Nejireta Tomodachi) -Twisted Friends-
is a psychological horror visual novel that takes place in Kyoto, Japan. 17-year-olds Erika Onishi and Hatsu Chiharu are less than a week from graduating high school and was allowed to look for an academy to attend to once they graduate. While searching, they find one that interests them, and then run into Annuska Fukami, who is a first-year at the academy. They clicked and became friends. Their friendship was going pretty well... until Erika and Hatsu find out something about Annuska that could possibly end their friendship with her. When Annuska becomes aware of this, she tries to do everything she can to make sure Erika and Hatsu don't cut ties off with her... even if she has to get blood on her hands to do it.

This visual novel is rated PG-13 for blood/gore, swearing, implied trauma/abuse, mental illness, murder, implied murder, & implied suicide.

Character Backstories:
Erika Onishi: Erika is just your average high school student….or is she? Erika had a pretty bad past and developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at a young age and had to live with it for years. That’s when she met Hatsu, who helped her through her hardest times, she even stopped Erika from committing suicide. Erika and Hatsu were inseparable. Then, in her third year, she and Hatsu went looking for an academy to go to when they graduated, they then saw a certain academy that caught their eye, and decided to check it out. That’s when they met Annuska, who was a first-year there. They clicked and became friends. Things got a bit weird when Ann starting telling them about this website full of horror stories and how much she admired them. Ann also showed them the stories and characters she created that were inspired by the stories she read.

Hatsu Chiharu: A very bubbly girl, and loves making people smile. She seems like a bit of an airhead but she’s actually really smart. Just like Erika, she’s a high school student. She met Erika in grade school when Erika was going through a hard time, and they became really good friends, and eventually best friends. Hatsu helped Erika through bad times and even stopped her from committing suicide. When Hatsu and Erika were third years, they were allowed to go look at different academies and find one to go to once they graduate. They stopped by a certain academy and met a girl there, named Annuska, who was a first-year at that academy. They clicked and became friends. After some time, things with Ann. She started telling Hatsu and Erika about this website called “The Creepypasta Wiki”, a website that is filled with scary stories that are supposed to scare you. Ann never stopped talking about it, which make her and Erika very creeped out.

Annuska Fukami: Ann is a very anti-social, introverted person. She doesn’t like people (besides her friends) and barely leaves to go anywhere. She only leaves when her friends invite her to hang with them. Ann’s mom is Japanese and her late father is Russian, which explains why she’s part Russian and Japanese. Her father died 3 years ago from natural causes, which are unknown. For her 18th birthday, she got her first computer. For the next few months, she was on the internet all day and all night and barely got any sleep. That’s when she stumbled across “The Creepypasta Wiki” which was a website full of fictional stories that were supposed to scare you. She immediately became attached. She even made her own creepypasta stories and characters. She was obsessed. Ann never told her mom about her unusual attachment and kept it a secret. When she met Erika and Hatsu, she told them all about the stories she read about and showed them the stories and characters she created. They thought they were pretty cool but were also slightly creeped out.

Prologue: Released 7/22/20!
Chapter 1: Released 7/22/20!
Chapter 2a:
In progress...
Chapter 2b: Not started yet.
Epilogue: Not started yet.
Any questions? Please leave them here :)
Chapter 1 is now released!
Oohhh looks interesting!! Will def try it out over the weekend uwu