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Chronicle of Beast is a Fantasy Adventure and mostly kinetic visual novel featuring a vibrant world with unique characters. At present the script is 16,412 words and is only just getting started on the introductory arc to the grand adventure still to come. The VN will feature custom artwork for character, backgrounds, and event images, as well as the option to develop stronger relationships between the MC, the ever expanding world, and her companions.

Pilgrimage was meant to teach respect, humility, and an assortment of other virtues that the priests in the compound drilled into her head all her life. But the only thing Jindeel felt like she was gaining was distress. At the conditions of the city proper, at the sickness and crime that drove a dagger through the poor streets of old town, and at the temple that loomed brilliant and willingly ignorant above it all.

Fed up with the rampant injustice plaguing her home, Jindeel accepts a fortuitous if not questionable opportunity to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her mate, a smooth talking con-man, and a wild dog of a felon - they track down the bandit stronghold, only to find a much more serious threat buried centuries away in the jungle undergrowth.

You can play the DEMO here!

This story sounds amazing! The characters all are wonderfully designed (their personalities too) and I'm curious to see how everything plays out! The setting itself is unique and I'm absolutely loving how the diversity is fresh and not forced. Looking forward to future updates!
Wow! This looks really amazing. I am really curious!
Hey friends! Long time no see!

On the upside, I'm happy to announce that there's a full demo ready for play! The demo is approximately 30-45min read time and still has a few placeholder elements. That said, I'm looking for some enterprising readers to give me full and detailed feedback on what I have so far!

Can't wait to hear from you all!
Hello again friends! I see quite a few people have come to take a look at the thread. About 200 or so. Welcome! Even if you don't play through
the story, I'd still like to hear your thoughts on what you can see here
in the thread alone!

How does the art take you? Do any of the characters in particular strike your interest? Do you have any questions
about the world at large?

I of course would still really like to hear some feedback from actual players. Hearing from you guys is the
only way for me to improve, after all!

In the meanwhile, have a Latif

Working on the next section of the story after
where the demo ends! Some new characters are introduced. Will they help
or hinder the gang? ;D

What's good friends? I hope everyone's been surviving well during all this nonsense. I've been finding it hard to keep motivated myself. That
said, word count is now nearly 25k and still progressing.

Meanwhile, I hope Ravi's sweet cinnamon roll face cheers ya'll up like he did me.

Yoooo clearly I need to visit the forum more often because this looks like tons of fun! Glad to hear you're still chipping away at it, I'll definitely be eager to play it once you get it done! I'm a bit technologically incompetent so I cant figure out what to do with the file you posted, but it looks like its for pc anyway and I'm on a mac, so I guess I'll just have to wait :)
This game looks awesome! Can't wait to read it!