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Chronicle of Beast is a Fantasy Adventure and mostly kinetic visual novel featuring a vibrant world with unique characters. At present the script is 16,412 words and is only just getting started on the introductory arc to the grand adventure still to come. The VN will feature custom artwork for character, backgrounds, and event images, as well as the option to develop stronger relationships between the MC, the ever expanding world, and her companions.

Pilgrimage was meant to teach respect, humility, and an assortment of other virtues that the priests in the compound drilled into her head for 19 years. But the only thing Jindeel felt like she was gaining was distress. At the conditions of the city proper, at the sickness and crime that drove a dagger through the poor streets of old town, and at the temple that loomed brilliant and willingly ignorant above it all.

Fed up with the rampant injustice plaguing her home, Jindeel accepts a fortuitous if not questionable opportunity to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her mate, a smooth talking con-man, and a wild dog of a felon - they track down the bandit stronghold, only to find a much more serious threat buried centuries away in the jungle undergrowth.


Feedback is always welcome and wanted! Does the story sound like something you'd like to read? Do any of the characters ignite your curiosity? Let me know :D

This story sounds amazing! The characters all are wonderfully designed (their personalities too) and I'm curious to see how everything plays out! The setting itself is unique and I'm absolutely loving how the diversity is fresh and not forced. Looking forward to future updates!
Wow! This looks really amazing. I am really curious!