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In Angela's ceremony day, she have never felt so happy the entire day. None of those glamorous visitors and guests nor a large amount of appetizers makes her satisfied. She seems to be looking for something that she won't regret trying. No excitement bores her, even small walks at the same places isn't enough. Not until a small argument with her fiancé has started and made her leave the place to find comfort for herself.

A few minute later, she found a stray cat in the gardens and left a strange letter with a written message "Follow the Rabbit". This is where a rabbit started hopping away and tells itself that it was late--wait it talks? What will happen if she tried to follow the rabbit? Will it make her boredom disappear?

What will happen next...?

 Changeable protagonist's default name
 CG Gallery

 New Character designs
 Original GUI
 Consists 15 Chapters (For Character Routes)
Puzzle/Quiz games
 More to come

✽Author's note✽
Nyallo, Bloomers! I've finally made a new forum for this project! Yeepee~
Here I made some possible questions that you might ask and also added my answer for each of it.

Q1: Haryu, Haryu! Why is your visual novel on hiatus?
A1: "Well, it's because I'm trying to find a time to make it better. This game has been published like, years ago. And now I'm working on it to change the plot a bit and make it more intriguing. Some rewriting too since, my grammar is a bit...meh. It won't update unless I've announced in this forum that the progress is finished."

Q2: When will it be back?
A2: "That is basically one of my major problems right now. It might be back next year, still not my final decision, but I might also update it onto a newly made DEMO. And yes, AGAIN. I am truly sorry if I made a lot of visual novel demos, I just can't help but got hit by an idea light bulb and was now attached on my head FOREVER. But I'll try my best to update my progress here and add a Character Poll."

Q3: Character Poll? Was it for voting for your favorite character in the story to get an official route?
A3: "
That, my friend, is what I told to my friends before. And it wasn't successful when I made a poll from a different site for them to vote on. And it got complicated since there are less people who voted that has lead me to delete it and set the visual novel on hiatus instead. Since Cloud Novel has added a new feature for that, I've finally decided to use it. My idea for the character poll is that if the number of votes for the certain character got highest votes, it will certainly have the first route to be made. As for the remaining characters, it's the same method--the highest comes first, then here comes the second, then third, and so on."

Q4: How many dateable characters will there be?
"It's still on plan, I can only guess 8 dateable characters for now. But I'll assure you that there will be more ikemens--I mean male dateable characters to come. But for the main one, there will be 3 dateable characters in one different plot for each season. For example, the 1st season with first 3 dateable characters will have the season name of Wonderland's Disaster. Based on the name, I am sure that now all of you know what Season 1 will be. But for now all I can give you is the DEMO."
Q5: How many seasons will it have?

A5: "It depends on the number of dateable characters, 8 isn't the final number since I've told the answer from Q4 that the seasons will have 3 characters. It might have some characters that shouldn't be in the story of Alice in Wonderland but I'm not planning on sticking to wonderland characters only. Which is basically my idea to make it different."

For now, I can only think of 5 questions for the project. You can submit any questions below and I'll answer them!

Now here is my progress so far,

Progress [DEMO]
【Character Sprites】

Sketches [1/6]  |  Completed [1/6]
Background [4/?]

CGs [0/10]

Storyline/Script [0/1] (Still on work)
✎ BGM/SFX [50/50]
Logo [✔]
GUI (Still haven't started)
•Textbox [   ]

•Choice boxes [   ]
•Option buttons [   ]
•Main Menu screen [   ]

•Save and Load screen [   ]

Here's our new Protagonist Sprite!

Follow this topic to get more updates!
Love how you formatted this post
Cant wait for the VN ahhhhhh my boi Harold (´=ω=`)
Kazuna said: Love how you formatted this post
Cant wait for the VN ahhhhhh my boi Harold (´=ω=`)

Aaaah thankies (❀>ω<)9✧
Everything looks great so far! Can't wait to see the males. 
Haryu I changed the title of your topic from one to once.
Sonya said: Haryu I changed the title of your topic from one to once.

Ah--did I get a typo? sweat sweat
【Character Sprites】
✎ Sketches [4/6]  |  Completed [1/6]

Finally finished drawing and coloring the boys' bases! Now I just need to fix some stuff and add
expressions and their clothing.

Cough cough 
Ladies--Please uwu
hold yourselves in your chair for a bit ;D

Also here's Oliver's clothing sketch with his old version! :D

Still not finished to the new design since it might have more fancy marks in his
clothes haha

Anyway, that's all for now! Gotta go back and work on coloring his clothes x3

So excited for the update! They all look so great and it's wonderful to see how your style has changed over time ^-^
IKEMEN!!!! *kidnaps*
Wait there are 6 characters in total....are there more ikemen coming? ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
Bless the provider of ikemen prays
【Character Sprites】
✎ Sketches [4/6]  |  Completed [2/6]

Oliver's doneee~!

【Character Sprites】
✎ Sketches [4/6]  |  Completed [2/6]

Oliver's doneee~!

This cuteness is illegal
Done sketching Kevin's clothing!
Here's the difference from the old version~

The image is bigger than I thought o-o;;
why is Kevin's abs look different from now????

Anyway, new look, new plot! That's the only thing I'm proud of xD
【Character Sprites】
✎ Sketches [4/6]  |  Completed [3/6]

Kevin is finally done~!

 Just a small notice, the other 2 character sprites might be one of the Wonderland characters. Or it could be some of the human character's in our protagonist's world. So I'll be leaving a question here in this forum and I'll be expecting your answers. Since I'm having a difficult time to decide, why not consider the audiences' opinions? :3

Q: "Should the extra characters be all in solid black (Just a shadow) color?"

Answers should be written in "A:" form after the question!

Thank you for checking this topic! :D