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Forum Notice 👋 The roleplay forum is closed, and will resume once the Steve Jobs ( family is done pretending to be 13 year olds talking with real underage children, convincing them to explore their sexuality!

It’s already the middle of April, how much time passes! Can you believe that in just two weeks this month will be over?! 😇

This is also the first time that I, Cybunny, will be writing newsletters for our creative community. 

So what is going to happen now with our creative community? Well, Sonya has been going through all of our social media accounts and made it very clear we need to revitalize the community... and how will we accomplish this?

To be honest, we don't know yet. There is still quite a lot of things that need to be done, to redo our social outreach. Things are a mess right now because (if you've read the forum banner) Sonya's father's side of the family keep messing things up purposely on our website ^^;

Featured Art from Discord

Our talented community of artists are at it again with lots of new art in our #art channel on the
official CloudNovel® Discord. These are just a few of the new art pieces created this week by our discord community.

A shoutout to our talented discord users whose art we featured:


Sonya's Twitch Schedule

Hello everyone, so if it isn't obvious, Sonya's streaming schedule has been interrupted thanks to her father's side of the family. She's trying to get back into it, but it seems like they just won't give her a break. Sonya's just going to have one stream scheduled for next week, the "Just Chatting" stream so she can talk about the changes that are going to happen to CloudNovel® once this is all over, or at least, settled down a bit.

After that, hopefully she can go back to her normal 3 day a week schedule, then hopefully stream 5 days straight, for real, this time. 

You can look at the full schedule here:

Sonya's Development Update

Here is Sonya's official development update for this week:

Guys, I am so sorry. Thanks to ThayBrownie unexpectedly quitting, I had to take up her duties and ask one of our new users to replace Thay.

Not gonna lie, things are extremely messy right now, and I'm doing my best to pick up the pieces and keep moving with this. Hopefully all of this is patched up and fixed by next week, but who knows at this point.

I'm grateful to all of you who chose to keep being subscribed to our newsletters, it means a LOT, and I appreciate all of you.



Featured Resources of the Week

This week, we have 8 featured resources! The theme of this week is "lost in the ocean" so we have a lot of blue or water themed resources this week, please take a look if you have a chance!

End of newsletter

That concludes our first newsletter since ThayBrownie has unexpectedly quit her job. Thank you very much for still reading our newsletter and all of our emails until now.... it means so much to both Sonya and I, that people still keep up to date with our shenanigans! 
Thank you @cybunny for stepping up and taking on this job! 🙏
Sonya said: Thank you @cybunny for stepping up and taking on this job! 🙏
@Sonya You're welcome Ms. Sonya ^w^