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premises and useless personal considerations as a game developer
my friend recommended me this novel yesterday and it became my new goal for meme stories. i've always had hard time writing serious stories, expecially in the form of visual novels, so in a way or another i started making meme games instead (and boom, the wrecking crew was born). so this novel has been very inspiring for me. this is the pinacle of meme story for me, my new ideal way of writing.
i've always aimed to write a serious/emotional/original/very-awesome-in-an-abstract-way story. the writer i look up to the most is mxtx for endless reasons, but that's something i could never manage to reach (not even on a conceptual level, really, because that's not how my brain works, no matter how much i like that style).
this novel mixes the funny part with the serious parts perfectly. it's a big comedy story, but it has plot and doesn't sound stupid (as in filled with comedy-elements-without-logic). so it showed me that it's actually possible to make a good story even if it's a big meme. it gives me some hope to make the wrecking crew graduate from third-rate development team and make some games that people might actually want to play

talking about the actual thing...
as a novel, it's a big change of pace compared to the novels i've been reading so far. 
first reason why: the mc is hilarious.
the world he's in is not so funny. but with him in it, it gets a meme filter for some reason and i can't stop laughing.
i haven't read much yet and i don't want to spoiler, but i highly recommend it for people who want to have some good laugh