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Hi, I'm RayneIlStorm! You can call me anything you like as long as it's not an insult! Anyways! I'm fairly new to the CN community, so I thought I should say hi and start a thread to get to know some people!

Really all that you need to know about me is that my hobbies are drawing and writing stories! I also spend WAY too much time on Discord.
Ro Ro
Hello, nice to meet. I hope you have fun here.
Welcome! We always welcome new people. Some more than others. TTwTT Anyway, me, Ro, and a few others are roleplaying. Feel free to join us!
Oof... No response since Oct. 24th. lol
Haha, sorry! I didn't realize that this thread even got a response from other people! Howdy!
Howdy, there. What's up?
Oh, a lot, actually. I'm gonna be participating in the Mystery jam and the fan art contest for Cafe Rouge! I'm also in the middle of making 4 VNs at the same time, having almost no idea what to do for events for the people you can date, and I have 3 huge commissions to work on. Haha, I tend to put a lot on my plate and tend to eat only a little bit. More ambition than I have motivation, you know?

How about you? What are you up to? :)
Same here. lol I'm not up to much. Just roleplaying with a couple friends. If you want, you can join us in the roleplay section. The ones by Ro and I, you can join. the others, I'm not too sure. I don't own them, so, Iunno. lol 
I haven't roleplayed in a while, but I'll take a look and see if I would like to join!
Alrighty, see you there, then. lol
You can also join the one by LunaDell if you want.
Oh wowie, you all RP a lot! There's so many. And thank you for the heads-up! I'll check that one, too!
No prob. ^w^
If you'd like to roleplay, just check out the first page of any roleplay you'd like to join for information, do as instructed in the intro of the RP and roleplay away!