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Ro Ro
Yeah. It's been a while though. Plus I had to get rid of all of mine because of my Great Aunt. I am hoping to find a way to getting something without her knowing and get games on that.
lol If you want... actually, it's probably not possible. But if you want to know, I was gonna say that you could come over to my house and we could play, like, Halo or something.
Ro Ro
OMW that would be awsome...but I might have to wait 'til Imma out of the house.
I'm moving out a few months after my birthday. UwU
Ro Ro
Fun. I am planning on moving out after my birthday too.
Noice. You should move to Boise, Idaho. That's where I'm moving. Maybe we can meet up!
Ro Ro
I might because I actually know someone moving there that will be so happy to see me plus a family that lives there that I would like to do a surprise meeting. So heck yeah I'm in.
Sweet! See you then!
Ro Ro
Surf's up, cos I'm going to Hawaii over the break!!!