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Hello, guys.
I'd like to tell you who I need first.
I'd like to find someone who could make my horrible English text - clearly readable English.
I don't speak English well, but I'd like to write a simple visual novel. I think it'll be about 15,000 to 30,000 words.
I wouldn't want to torture people with sentences squeezed out through an translator. It's even hard for me to write this post.
It would be nice to find a person or couple of people to help me.

About the game
The game will be free.

I've written 3,000 words and made 5 backgrounds. I also made four characters.
There is no good art or interesting story in the game, but I'd still like to make this game. I will use kisekae generator for characters and free backgrounds from internet.

The mercenary squad are returning home after a long war. But the hell is not over for them. The squad under your command is counting on you. Play the role of the knight that gets through the ruined country.
Faced with fantastic creatures and difficult choices in this cruel world.

About  me

How's the game looks?


What will you get?
I'll certainly put you in the credits wherever you want, even on the cover.
You will also be able to make changes to the game, such as creating a situation or character.
I have nothing else to offer.

I'd be happy to answer the questions.

Updated description.

I want to collaborate with you! Just send me a message or post here on this thread.
 Okay, you can send me in a private message - your skype, discord or where you're comfortable texting.

I would love to help. You can message me on my email.
You can send me a small portion of your writing and Ill edit it and send it back to you so you can decide if you want my help in completing the whole thing.
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