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Is this foreshadowing?

If you were wondering what Demian was doing to Candice, he's anointing her as the new Simba.
(I... forgot how to draw. Please excuse me rushing to join on the last day.)
Winners of the Café Rouge Fan Art Contest

1st Place

@HaryuChan has done a beautiful and gorgeous job of drawing Isis and Valen together in a friendly and cute hug. This piece has her signature style of beautiful colors and lovely sunlight in the background of the artwork. Great job Haryu, you've won 1st place and now have Sakura Membership for a lifetime, congratulations!!!

2nd Place

For our second place winner, @WishingIris did a fabulous job on the colours and the pastel like shading. This is a very artistic piece, that plays on the colors purple and magenta pink. The cupcake is very cute, and this art work of the Isis x Chris couple is very well done! You have officially won a lifetime membership of Ninja! Congrats Wishing Iris

3rd Place

For 3rd place, this cute and clever image of all the characters is the most creative piece out of all the art entries, and in my opinion, the funniest too! Aldo and Diane are hanging off the side dangling off the side of the cup, and all the other characters are all trying to escape from the cup of coffee of doom! For the creativity of this piece, @Drakone has received 50,000 points as a prize! Congrats!

That's all for the winners of the Cafe Rouge fan art contest! Thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you once again for the support of making the Cafe Rouge kickstarter such a HUGE success! We hope you look forward to the official game when we release it next year in summer 2020!
Congrats to HaryuChan and WishingIris!!

Thanks for hosting the contest, @Sonya, and congratulations for the Kickstarter's success!! A whopping 571.6%!

But woah, third place was such a pleasant surprise and I'm still in shock
It actually
thank you ;-;
Aww I missed it I would have loved to participate!