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(Sure, do whatever)
Wyatt:''where's your parents?''

Julie:''I-I have none''
*Wyatt sighs and picks Julie up*
*Wyatt takes Julie to the adoption center*
(hey sea you on discord rn?)
W:''i'll like to adopt this girl''

*The receptionist nodes* 
Grimezsz Grimezsz
Is it to much to say that i have seen wolf in almost every forum and everybodys subscribed list? 
Is he someone I should know and also your roleplays are cringe you have these names and cringy pictures that have no prevelance to any highschool senario where most of your pictures taken are drawn by college students and the character is age 18 or above?
Grimezsz Grimezsz
It is like you tried turning my hero in my criminal acadamia 

(guys what do you think hikarus quirk should be

Grimezsz Grimezsz
Just read back more and realise your adopting people in this
 shoot me
(I really don’t know)
CrimsonReed CrimsonReed
CrimsonReed CrimsonReed
(It seems no one's been one in a while.)
Grimes Grimes
Wolf10321 said: W:''i'll like to adopt this girl''

*The receptionist nodes* 
@Wolf10321 Sorry to intrude but thats highly illegal in real life in terms of adoption it could take weeks or years to adopt someone
that isnt registered at the adoption center