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Lol I know that the RPG feature is still far from being finished, but I really wanted to share my idea for a potential new game. So I present:

Horns to Halos
It's an RPG adventure game where you play as an angel named Skylar who wants to reform demons in the Under World so that she can potentially find her sister, who was banished from the Above World (Heaven) many years ago due to an "incident"

I recognize that the concept is quite similar to Hazbin Hotel, a series created by Vivziepop, but I really liked the concept and wanted to add my own version and ideas to it. So I hope you'll still be able to enjoy it. I'm REALLY new to pixel art, but this is my first attempt:

Yes, she is an angel, not the spawn of the Devil. Even though it may look like it XD I used Pixel Art Maker - Dinopixel to create it. Here's how the character will look on the textbox:

This was done by Rainheal Character Maker|Picrew
I know she doesn't look like an angel, but there's a reason to that which I won't share now ;) And yes the watermark will have to remain on the Non-pixel characters but I don't want to disrespect the artist's wishes. That is it all for now, so yeah...

Can't wait until the RPG feature comes out!

Simp out~